Sunday, June 4, 2017

Trump's visit of Saudi Arabia : What Exactly story is ?

Saudia Arabia is one of the major allies of the USA in Middle East and it has always sought American assistance and patronage for its defense. But now the situation has taken more bitter and severe turn in middle. Iran is standing there with full of its might to counter Saudi ambitions in muslim world. Here the circumstances take a more broader prospect of the the situation. Indeed now Saudi Arabia and Iran are representing two different shelves in muslim world. 

This is the point where shia sunni crises in Muslim world emerge and throw whole of the peace in muslim regions apart. These shia sunni conflicts are giving the outer world more space to interfere in affairs of the countries directly falling in crises line.  

Now as the both countries are exerting their potential to destabilize the rivals. So the result is not but a total breakdown of peace and tranquility in few areas like Syria and Yeman. Here the more ironical aspect of the situation becomes quite interesting when Russia and China in Middle East show their power. 

Thus to strengthen its hand in the region and to get more control on the region Saudia Arabis seeks to form more military alliances as well as more defense purchases from USA. But these these defense deals are not business at all, indeed it is a way to keep the USA's balance in favor specially when Iran has made a breakthrough on its nuclear programme.

But apart from all these strategical aspects, Saudis extended extraordinary protocol to Donald Trump and Now it has become a story which will be remembered forever. But these strategical moves are giving many new trends to middle east. Like Saudi Arabia is now more concerned about increasing proxy power of Iran then Israel as a potent threat in the region.

Moreover, many muslim countries like Pakistan are feeling a rift within the population on the base of creed. So now all the muslim countries across the world are knotted in a vicious circle of sectarianism. Along with it discussion that either islam has become a symbol of terrorism is taking a robust turn.

youth on the other side is now tilted towards a tendency to  demand a genuine role from the leaders of ummah to work upon the issues which were never been addressed in past. As we know the Arab Spring proved a fatal blow to the coherence in middle east as well as few muslim countries in Africa. So apart from a staged or planted change, now it is quite clear that muslim world will have to come towards its genuine problems. 


  1. I was expecting a detail article on this issue.
    That topic demands more rather than just writing few paragraph on this highly sensitive issue.


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