Sunday, June 4, 2017

Story of italian-amercian mafia

The word mafia takes its origin from Italy. Where Sicily is considered one of the hub of the mafia. Indeed whole of the mafia in the world migrated or finds its origin back in italy. 

During the rule of fascism in  italy, mafia type bands were given boost under government patronage. Watch this doumentary. 

It is a symptom of Sicily's endemic political corruption and a general cynicism regarding public institutions and the criminal justice system, its life sustained by a widespread mentality which breeds a general distrust in even the youngest Sicilians - distrust of everybody and every thing. 

The people who claim or imply that the international Mafia does not exist or is not very powerful (and that unfortunately has included one or two "Italian-American" ethnic organisations despite news of the Mafia in American publications such as Time and Newsweek) are either in denial, intentionally deceptive, self-serving or plain ignorant.

Even Now it is believed that Mafia is existing successfully but it has changed its directions and tricks to deal with various matters they are facing. 

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