Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Qatar Saudi Arabia Issue ? is Qatar's boycott either economic boycott or diplomatic boycott a solution?

Qatar Saudi Arabia Issue ? is Qatar's boycott either economic bycot or diplomatic bycott a solution to the problem of what has been made against the Qatar. Indeed Saudi Arabia led colaition is maintaing Qatar as one of the leading countries sending armies and fighting against terrorism as Saudia Arabia doing in the region. But surprising diplomatic boycott or ending of diplomatic ties with Qatar by Saudi Arabia and many other allies have stunned whole of the world. It seems that Qatar has come on the horns by many countries at once and this is quite surprising for the world.  

Why Qatar is facing such a treatment from Saudi side and what are the reasons of Saudi boycott of the Qatar ? This is the main question. Indeed Qatar is being accused for :

  1.  For supporting muslim brotherhood in its efforts to regain its basic structure after a huge crackdown against it in Egypt. 
  2. Being the supporter of a government in lybia which is not supported by other arab countries. 
  3. having soft corner for Iran
  4. Distribution of aid or financial support to groups which are not in the favorite list of Saudia Arabia. 

Now after the trump has made clue in his tweet, it seems that Qatar is facing a well organised and well managed blockade. But on the other hand amercian forces are successfully managing their operation from Qatar. But What makes this whole situation quite astonishing , that is a sudden action against Qatar.

History of pulling many countries in isolation is not unknown to world. But coming to middle east when Qatar having only soil route from Saudi Arabia, it bit seems violation of the human rights. Moreover, for the middle east, it is right now quite important to maintain peace and order as the region is already under the turmoil. Diplomatic efforts from Turkey and Kuwait worth appreciation as both of the countries leaving no stone unturned to bring the situation on normal pace.

The approach to control the region by a single power or country can cause problem for the greater cause of peace and tranquility. Qatar if doing so then there should be proper discussion and this matter should be solved in manner which urges for talks and dialogues not blockade. 

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