Thursday, May 4, 2017

Best places to submit your website for improved Search Engine Optimization

When you have a blog oar website with rich contents then you face problem of blog traffic. It is primary question that how to get traffic on blog or website. Especially when dealing with google adsense and blogger, traffic counts a lot to get finalized payment on adsense. So earning with google adsense encourage you to work on your domain, website or blog to fetch more traffic on blog.

But among the tricks to fetch traffic on blog or website it is quite important to get your website index. But it is a primary question that how to index website. Here we have chosen one of the tricks to do so by submitting a link on a website or search engine, you will be able to get your pages indexed on famous search engine.  

 We have given few links of famous search engine below. By clicking on these links you will be able to submit your website manually on these links. By doing so , your website will be  re-indexed so that whatever new comes to your website will be easily searchable on search engine. So when a person gives the relevant keywords of your site, he will be finding your pages on top results on search engines.

It is important to know that there are numerous search values on the web that are supported by one of the prominent search engines like google and yahoo. So being registered on these search engine ensures the flow of traffic on your website and you become able to solve the proble that how to get traffic on your blog.

Here are 7 best and most opted places to submit your website to boost your traffic

1. Google as now have become number 1 search engine. Follow the link below to submit your website. By undergoing the process of confirmation of ownership, you will be able to manage your website in search console of the google or google webmaster.

2. yahoo search also provide you option to come in the orbit of its search.
Free Submit:

3. MSN Live Search –Microsoft Network’s search tool is taking 3rd position among the websites, where you can submit your website link free.
Free Submit:

4. Ask – Powered by Teoma: on you can also submit your link to get ranked on the pages of

5. Gigablast – since 2006 is a place to submit your website to get a position in search engine.
Free Submit:

6. Exact Seek – is a directory where you can submit your link and can appear on different search engines.
Free Submit:

7. Entire Web – entire web provides you a wide range of search on 20 top search engines.

Free Submit:

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