Thursday, May 18, 2017

what is google index? How to use google index for ranking webiste pages on search engines?

 Before going into details that what is google indexing, it is quite important to take a short brief of the blogging. For a new blogger or website holder it is quite necessary to have a large traffic to earn from blog or website.

But usually the bloggers have a common question that how to get traffic on blog. Indeed, to boost traffic on blog is a very crucial stage when you come for online earning. Because blog traffic is ultimate guarantee for online earning. So to earn online is no single phenomenon, it covers many aspects.

You have a blog and your purchased a domain from godaddy and any other online domain provider and now you have transferred your blog on domain. So under www domain you are working on your domain.

To fully work with this, you need to get your website pages on search engine. It means that when someone with a specific keyword looks for a topic, if you have written that topic, your website page may appear on the search result pages.

For this purpose, google indexing is quite important. But more important is to know that what google indexing is?

custom search engine are vital resources or platforms where various websites are included to get the traffic or viewers. But there is procedure to get a position on these custom search engines and that is google indexing. When your website pages are on google index they are going to get more traffic and visitor from across the world. 

 When you visit a library, you have to look into library index for finding a proper book or proper topic material so is the Google index.

It includes all information and data. So when internet user comes to search a certain topic and he puts his query in google search he finds his desired results. Basic difference between Google index and library is google have website pages as its material or resources while a library have book.

To include your website pages on Google index, you can create and submit a Sitemap through Webmaster Tools. This is a very easy step and through the help of google search console, you can easily do it.

But it is not all what you need to do to rank your article. You must should follow all the methods to get traffic on your blog and you should properly built up your blog or website to fetch more traffic. Because more traffic is a guarantee that you will earn online.

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