Monday, May 8, 2017

Story of Gama World Wrestling champion

A couple of years prior a global competition of Desi Kushti was held in Kohlapur locale in India's Maharashtra state. A few wrestlers from Lahore were partaking and talk spread that in one of the sessions the colossal grandson of Gama Pehalvan is participating. Amazingly a horde of 200,000 poor villagers remained in rain for 14 hours to get a look at this man simply because of his legacy, the nearby daily paper announced, "The grandson of the God of Wrestling is coming." I don't know whether the grandson of the God came yet absolutely such a respect would not be saved for Sachin Tendulkar. 

Ghulam Mohammaed, known as Great Gama was a mind boggling man and maybe had superhuman forces. Conceived in Amritsar to a Kashmiri family, he went ahead to win titles of Rustam-e-Hind (Champion of India) and Rustam-e-Zaman (Champion of the Universe). Amid a vocation of more than 50 years he was never crushed, despite the fact that at 5 foot 7 inches he was normally considerably shorter than his rival. 

His eating routine and exercise routine were amazing and incorporated a few gallons of drain, 3000 push-ups and 5,000 sit ups each day! The acclaimed hand to hand fighting star Bruce Lee recognized his regard for the Great Gama and guaranteed that he had embraced parts of his eating routine and exercise routine in his own particular preparing. 

Among his unbelievable achievements was the point at which he tested the main 12 wrestlers of Europe and America to a session around the same time and in a steady progression vanquished them all, none enduring more than a few moments! 

Ahead of schedule in 1947 with the fire of detest spreading through Punjab Gama Sahib moved to Lahore and settled on Mohni Road. Gama Sahib told the Hindus of his mohala that on the off chance that they are assaulted he will guard them with his life and when one day a swarm moved toward the group Gama Sahib remained before them with the majority of his gathering of wrestlers, as the main crook drew close to a slap from Gama Sahib sent him flying and the rest fled never to come back again. 

A couple days after the fact Gama Sahib escorted every one of the Hindus to the outskirt where with tears spilling from his eyes he bade them farewell giving them one weeks nourishment from his own cash.

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