Sunday, May 28, 2017

MS Word Function Keys for beginner

Here we have few common ms word function keys for the user and beginners.

Create a non-breaking space: CONTROL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR

Create a non-breaking hyphen: CONTROL+HYPHEN

Make letters bold: CONTROL+B

Make letters italic: CONTROL+I

Make letters underline: CONTROL+U

Decrease font size: CONTROL+SHIFT+<

Increase font size: CONTROL+SHIFT+>

Remove paragraph formatting: CONTROL+Q

Remove character formatting: CONTROL+SPACEBAR

Copy the selected text or object: CONTROL+C

Cut the selected text or object: CONTROL+X

Paste text or an object: CONTROL+V

Undo the last action: CONTROL+Z

Redo the last action: CONTROL+Y
Get online Help or the Office Assistant: F1

Move text or graphics: F2

Insert an AutoText entry (after Word displays the entry): F3

Repeat the last action: F4

Choose the Go To command (Edit menu): F5

Go to next pane or frame: F6

Choose the Spelling command (Tools menu): F7

Extend a selection: F8

Update selected fields: F9

Activate the menu bar: F10

Go to the next field: F11

Choose the Save As command (File menu): F12
Start context-sensitive Help or reveal formatting: SHIFT+F1

Copy text: SHIFT+F2

Change the case of letters: SHIFT+F3

Repeat a Find or Go To action: SHIFT+F4

Move to a previous revision: SHIFT+F5

Go to the previous pane or frame: SHIFT+F6

Choose the Thesaurus command (Tools menu, Language submenu): SHIFT+F7

Shrink a selection: SHIFT+F8

Switch between a field code and its result: SHIFT+F9

Display a shortcut menu: SHIFT+F10

Go to the previous field: SHIFT+F11

Choose the Save command (File menu): SHIFT+F12
Choose the Print Preview command (File menu): CONTROL+F2

Cut to the Spike: CONTROL+F3

Close the window: CONTROL+F4

Restore the document window size: CONTROL+F5

Go to the next window: CONTROL+F6

Choose the Move command (Control menu): CONTROL+F7

Choose the Size command (document Control menu): CONTROL+F8

Insert an empty field: CONTROL+F9

Maximize the document window: CONTROL+F10

Lock a field: CONTROL+F11

Choose the Open command (File menu): CONTROL+F12

Insert the contents of the Spike: CONTROL+SHIFT+F3

Edit a bookmark: CONTROL+SHIFT+F5

Go to the previous window: CONTROL+SHIFT+F6

Update linked information in a Word source document: CONTROL+SHIFT+F7

Extend a selection or block (then press an arrow key): CONTROL+SHIFT+F8

Unlink a field: CONTROL+SHIFT+F9

Activate the ruler: CONTROL+SHIFT+F10

Unlock a field: CONTROL+SHIFT+F11

Choose the Print command (File menu): CONTROL+SHIFT+F12

Go to the next field: ALT+F1

Create an AutoText entry: ALT+F3

Quit Word: ALT+F4

Restore the program window size: ALT+F5

Find the next misspelling or grammatical error: ALT+F7

Run a macro: ALT+F8

Switch between all field codes and their results: ALT+F9

Maximize the program window: ALT+F10

Display Microsoft Visual Basic code: ALT+F11

Go to the previous field: ALT+SHIFT+F1

Choose the Save command (File menu): ALT+SHIFT+F2

Run GOTO Button or MACRO Button from the field that displays the field results: ALT+SHIFT+F9

Display Microsoft Visual Studio code: ALT+SHIFT+F11

Display Microsoft System Information: CONTROL+ALT+F1

Open command (File menu): CONTROL+ALT+F2

Change the font: CONTROL+SHIFT+F

Change the font size: CONTROL+SHIFT+P

Increase the font size: CONTROL+SHIFT+>

Decrease the font size: CONTROL+SHIFT+<

Increase the font size by 1 point: CONTROL+]

Decrease the font size by 1 point: CONTROL+[

Change the formatting of characters (Font command, Format menu): CONTROL+D

Change the case of letters: SHIFT+F3

Format letters as all capitals: CONTROL+SHIFT+A

Apply bold formatting: CONTROL+B

Apply an underline: CONTROL+U

Underline words but not spaces: CONTROL+SHIFT+W

Double-underline text: CONTROL+SHIFT+D

Apply hidden text formatting: CONTROL+SHIFT+H

Apply italic formatting: CONTROL+I

Format letters as small capitals: CONTROL+SHIFT+K

Apply subscript formatting (automatic spacing): CONTROL+EQUAL SIGN

Apply superscript formatting (automatic spacing): CONTROL+SHIFT+PLUS SIGN

Remove manual character formatting: CONTROL+SPACEBAR

Change the selection to the Symbol font: CONTROL+SHIFT+Q

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