Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Google’s AIphaGo programme shows excellence of artificial intelligence, beats a top-ranked Go player

Google, which is giving us many new things to do with in a comfortable way, has again given the world a new string.

Now in the field of artificial intelligence google has once again given a new breakthrough to the world. Its new computer programme AlphaGo has made a great victory against the world´s top-ranked player in the famous old Chinese board game Go on Tuesday.

It clearly indicates that google is now stepping forward to bring many revolutions in the field of technology.

AlphaGo and brash took the first round of  three-game series against each other . Brash is a 19-year-old Chinese top  Ke Jie. One of the interesting thing with the event was the comments of brash who called this programme a cold machine. But this cold machine later on defeated him.

AlphaGo, which was made by  AI company DeepMind Technologies which has its headquarter in London. This development indeed shocked the Go community one year ago when it beaten South Korean grandmaster Lee Se-Dol four games to one. On its place it was a record as it happened first time that a computer programme beat a top player in a full contest.

The win over Lee was hailed as a point giving many new things to the world of technology. Indeed, it is wonderful reflection of the technological advancement of the world. The day is not far when the world will be transferring all the elements of daily use on technology.  

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