Monday, May 1, 2017

Causes of decline of mughal rule in subcontinent

The Mughal rule in subcontinent which was established in subcontinent in 1526 came to an end in 1857. Indeed the Mughal rule was on its way to decline when Aurgenzaib died in 1707. There signs of decline at that time were quite visible. The actions and reactions in past had played a havoc to existence of mughals in subcontinent.But there were many factors which helped later mughals to maintain their nominal control over the reign of power in subcontinent. 

All of the historians are agreed upon on many common reasons which were ultimately proved fatal and real causes of failure of mughal or decline of mughals in subcontinent. One of the basic reasons was absence of any sound and procedural presence of law of accession.Indeed when a mughal monarch kicked the bucket , his successors were bringing their swords out to cling upon the throne. Hardly any mughal rulers came in power without fighting any war with his brother for cousin. 

Moreover, the mansibdari system was clearly a loophole in the financial system of the mughals. This system was clearly pouring out of financial resources from central government. The mansibdars were always holding major chunk of revenue in their hands and the central government was always receiving less of the resources. 

Moreover, the southward expeditions of the mughals proved fatal for the consistency and existence of the mughal state. Mughal remained busy in the expeditions to bring the south under their rule and it proved strategically wrong for the central government.  

In the later years of mughals, rise of powers like Sikhs and Marhatas was a threat which was not realized timely. Uprisings of the mughals and Marhats proved fatal as the people took impression that now mughals or central government is unable to maintain its grip on the rule. 

Allowing British traders to establish their trade center and later on absence of any effective system to check them proved a ultimate blunder on the end of Mughals. These traders were ultimately successful overthrow mughal rule in subcontinent. 

Mughal rulers were pleasure seeker. They in the history of india and pakistan proved the rulers who spend their most of time in making fun and enjoying music and other pleasure. Gradually  it turned them careless about government and affairs of government. 

Mughal rule was one of the splendid chapter of history of india and pakistan. Mughals contributed towards the growth of art and literature in subcontinent. But their acts and actions ultimately led them towards their decline. So finally British traders established their rule in 1857 after war of independence. 


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