Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Theresa May proposes free movement extension after Brexit completion

As it was expected that Brexit was going to make the borders tough among the European Union. As after the Brexit it was clear that UK would have controlled its border tightly. So now to overcome the difficulties arising out of Brexit. Theresa May has propounded a suggestion to extended the free movement to deal with difficulties.

Earlier she had triggered the the article 50 and gave a energetic speech but mainly the Bexit have many questions to be asked that what will be its consequences. So far the Prime Minister Theresa May is moving a head and she is intended to complete all the process in given time frame. 

Another interesting aspect about Brexit is Theresa May's use of word implementation phase. She ascribed the transitional phase of Brexit as s implementation phase of Brexit. Her words clearly indicate her strong will and better preparation to coup with the difficulties in Post Brexit scenario. But is quite sure that Brexit will have deeper effects on European Union in terms of cross border movement and Economy.

On the other hand UK would be looking to make new deals with European Union. Donald Tusk, who is currently heading the European Union Council have clearly given clue that there would be a deal as non-member level. So now in European Union, UK will be having a role as non-member status. This would be creating  problems for UK but on the other hand during the transitional phase, UK government will prepare a strategy to deal with it.

Few days Back the UK Brexit Minister has announced that UK will not be having a tough migration policy with European Union Members. These policy announcement indeed reflect that UK would be maintaining good relations with other European countries.

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David Jones has also said that UK is always looking for single market. But he also urged that European Union traders should move towards UK market. For business analyst, it is clear indication that UK is having perception in mind that it will enjoy a business or common market with European Union.
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Coming time will be exactly defining that what be the future of UK and Brexit. Either it is going to give more to UK or European Union is going to loose more members. Exactly it would be clear when this whole Brexit Process is done and completed.

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