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Study in Italy a complete guide

Italy is a standard country for study for international students, with a long range of quality offers for higher education with universities maintaining high ranks across the world. Study in Italy has affordable tuition fees than many other Western European countries. These factors make Italy more attractive for international students who are coming to take admission in universities of Italy.

According to an estimate around 32,000 international students from various countries are studying in Italy, this number also includes those students who have come to study abroad under study exchange programme. Italy has great traditions of higher education and great intellectuals; these include Bologna Process. All these factors make Italy more comfortable zone for international students.

Why Study in Italy?

1. Most of the early academes/Universities in Europe were established in Italy during the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
2. Italy is maintaining this tradition and now it is  the place where numerous important universities and other institutions of higher education are developing in great manner.
3. Many universities of Italy are performing outstanding in the QS World University Rankings, ranking of the few universities are as under: UniversitĂ  di Bologna (194), The Sapienza University of Rome (216), Politecnico di Milano (244).
4. Bologna Process, creation of the European Area of Higher Education, under the Sorbonne Declaration in 1998, is one of the great effort by Italy to bring manifold reforms in higher education. This aspect also makes the Italy a wonder country to study abroad.
5. Italy has 89 universities, which can be divided into numerous categories:

State universities: These are state funded public educational
Private universities.
Public universities.
Italy has several levels of higher education. Completing undergraduate studies can lead to master's studies and earning a master degree.

About Italy

Italy is a lovely country situated in Southwestern Europe, on the Apennine peninsula. The country includes of the mainland Italy and the nearby islands. The country stretches southwards almost to the coasts of North Africa.

Italy is a country full of contrasts: stunning old cities, the Mediterranean and breathtaking natural views, cooperative people and a full bounce of history with many modern aspects. As well as an opportunity to have the tour of all Schengen countries. There are too many attractions are also lying in Italy, which no doubt are quite interesting for a learner.

The Colosseum,Canals of Venice,Pompeii,Leaning Tower of Pisa,Lake Como,Santa Maria del Fiore,Piazza del Campo,Towers of San Gimignano,Manarola (Cinque Terre).

As far as the admission in Italy and question that how to take admission in italian university and italy study visa, there you need to do that all online. As all of the italian universities manage online admission.

Cost of Studying & Living in Italy

Tuition fees at Italian universities differ, but they are usually much less than in other parts of Western Europe or North America, making Italian universities an alluring plan of study for external students. Those who aspire to study in Italy they can think of study abroad on lower fees which are quite comfortable for them to pay.

The fee to study in Italy depends upon many factors. The leading question is that either the university a student is looking for is a state or a private institution.  Because when it comes to State universities, the fee is very lower because of major chunk of financial assistance by government. Sometime the tuition fees for a degree also depend on the factor that from which country you belong. Another factor in this regard is your area of study. Moreover, your degree of enrollment also decides the level of payment to university.

Now we come towards an important aspect of study in Italy. After enrolment, visa and fee you need accommodation during your period of stay and study in Italy. Most of the universities in Italy do not have their hostels. Indeed, they try to facilitate their students through rental apartments or shared rooms in the private rental market. So as far the cast effectiveness is considered usually students no feel overburden in this kind of accommodation paying.


Well, those students who belong to European Union region, they need not to have a visa. Stay permit  in Italy is required for them. But those students who are coming to Italy other than EU countries, they need to submit their documents for visa in their own country to relevant Italian embassy or consulate. The Italian embassy after confirmation of their admission from university, will interview them for issuance of study visa. Later on when the student will reach Italy, he will apply for residence permit.Workpermit information is here for all the students.


Italian is the basic language in Italy. Most of the courses are taught in Italian language. But now as after the association with European Union English has also become a major mode of teaching in Italy. So now those students who have better understanding of English, they will feel easy to study in Italy. 

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