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Steve jobs complete biography:Journey from college to Apple CEO

Category : A computer designer who designed the computer not by mind but by heart, A co-founder of apple which has reshaped the history of technology, CEO and Entrepreneur.

Date of Birth February 24, 1955 
Place of Birth:San Francisco, California 

Steven Jobs early life 

The mind and man behind the apple was born February 24, 1955, in San Francisco, California, adopted child of  Paul and Clara Jobs. His only sister was  Patty. Paul Being enthusiastic about technology he remained a good mechanic and used to fix the  cars as a hobby.Jobs always referred his father as  man doing all the things in an artistically manner and having many skills.

Mountain , California became very first destination when he moved with parents there in 1961. And in the meantime this area was turning as an electronic hub in the region. Due to a boom of electronics in this area it was being ascribed as  "Silicon Valley." All of this was because of excessive flow of electronic devices to this area.So as the silicon is excessively used in electronics, so this areas came to be known as Silicon Valley.

Jobs in his childhood was fond of doing things by himself but he never showed any interests in sports and other activities like these. electronics were his main interests at that time so instead of doing things like other children, he tried to explore the electronic and gadgets in the garage of a man living in his neighborhood and working at  Hewlett-Packard a famous electronics company.

His first interaction with computer was at  Hewlett-Packard Explorer Club.This was a kind of place where the the engineers used to show up their technological work. So right at this stage he yearned to have computer to work on it. Indeed, we can say, this was his first inspiration for computer. Later on he became a well renowned name of computer world.  Hewlett-Packard  has so impressive role in his life that his biography would be incomplete without it.  William Hewlett (1931–2001) who was heading the Hawlett-Packed once gave him few computer parts for his class project. Indeed it all happend when Steve Jobs very frankly asked him to extend this hospitality.

College drop out  and visit to India

Reed College in Portland, Oregon was Steve Jobs destination when he completed his graduation in 1972. He stayed in collage  for two years.So he traveled to India in quest to know about the eastern religions in 1974. In his love for computer  Homebrew Computer Club became his next place in 1975.  Steve Wozniak (1950–), at Homebrew Computer Club provided him a great fascination for computer.  This quite fascinating personalities of Wozniak and Steve job kept the foundation of their own company   Apple Computer Company 1976. This story behind the name apple is quite fascinating. That how Steve jobs gave the name apple to his company. Steve Jobs was picking apples in summer for earning so the idea of apple came from that. The capital for apple company was raised by both of the partner.

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Apple and a new era of computer world

Steve Jobs genius rightly guessed that there is a lot of potential in computer market. Mainly the computers at that time were so big mainframe that it was very hard to adjust them in room. Secondly, price of the computer was out of reach of common man. But in the meantime when electronics were making huge developments and modifications so the computer could have been small.  Apple II  in 1977 was the product which came in market influenced by idea of approaching the individual users. This computer made a huge sale of  $2.7 million.  Exactly we can say the interesting point of Steve jobs biography is lying here. That before making a computer , he guessed that what market was looking for. The revenue  grew to a level of  $200 million within three years. Keynote Steve jobs made here was such a tremendous growth of apple. So this was the story of apple and story of Steve jobs.

Though apple III was not as successful but apple company and Steve job story was developing at such a level that it was making record in american history. Steve jobs was the main man who gave strategy to apple.. Lisa in 1983 mainly aimed for people possessing minimal computer experience had not performed well. But apple company at that time had lost more as compare to  their  competitor  International Business Machines (IBM). By 1983 it was estimated that Apple was without  half of its market share on the hands of  IBM.

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The Macintosh a new idea 

Steve jobs kept on giving new ideas and consequently In 1984 Apple introduced a its unique Macintosh. People were first time experiencing a new single screen with pictures (Icons) and they were able to touch these pictures through a new addition in computer i.e mouse. This process made the Macintosh very easy to use.  Macintosh again gave setback to apple and exactly at this stage the failure of the Macintosh proved a downfall of Steve job and he left the apple in 1985 .

NeXT a new experiment

 NeXT was raised by Steve jobs with help of colleagues, who had worked with Steve jobs in past. NeXT and Steve jobs gave a new computer to the world in 1988. This was done with a very active campaign and people welcomed it but contrary to response of the people it proved a failure. This NeXT computer was lacking many features like connectivity with other computers.

Toy Story
Toy story also became a hit of the time in middle of many failures teve jobs was facing. But Steve jobs whole life story is a true fascination for many of use.

NeXT and Apple

The exact turn in the life story of Steve jobs came in  1996 Apple purchased NeXT Software , apple and Steve jobs were again together. He was chief executive officer (CEO).Moreover  Microsoft and apple entered in partnership.This all changed the history of computer world.  New York Times at this occasion wrote that  both of the companies  "agreed to cooperate on several sales and technology fronts." Over the next six years Apple introduced several new products and marketing strategies.
In November 1997 again gave an inspiration announcement that apple is going to sale the computers to its customers directly. Apple stores made huge succsess and in September of 1997 Jobs was named interim CEO of Apple.

 Being the CEO of apple Steve Jobs made the the announcement of release of iMacIn 1998, iBook was unveiled in July 1999 and  Apple's new Internet strategy in 2000. Steve Jobs was made the CEO of apple..

So the Steve jobs who founded the apple saw all ups and downs and finally he made a name. This great man of the computer history Steve Jobs  dies at 5 October 2011,

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