Thursday, April 13, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 & iPhone 7 Drop Test! Guess Who Is The Winner?

Do You recollect YouTuber TechRax, who all the time posts recordings performing different tricks? As of late, we have seen TechRax diverting iPhone 7 Or more from the world's tallest building. 

We have likewise observed few drop tests from TechRax as well! In any case, shouldn't something be said about watching a drop test video of most recent Samsung System S8 and iPhone 7? Wow, both are top of the line premium cell phones. 

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As of late, YouTuber TechRax has shined a different light on the expression "Drop Test" by dropping a costly Samsung World S8 and iPhone 7. All things considered, TechRax not just played out the drop test he likewise tormented System S8 which is minimal agonizing to watch. 

Both the telephone was dropped from a stature of 25 feet. The Cosmic system S8's glass was right away devastated while the iPhone 7 or more survived the test. Be that as it may, Samsung Cosmic system S8 highlights a bezel-less "boundlessness show" which ends up being more tough than iPhone 7's screen. 

All things considered, both the screen was broken and hints at clear harm. Be that as it may, the final product demonstrates that System S8's screen was more strong contrasted with iPhone 7 Or more. TechRax had even shared a video which demonstrates that S8's screen was more sturdy as it could withstand more blows from a sledge and looked significantly less broke. 

You can watch both videos here:

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