Sunday, April 2, 2017

President Donald Trump from reality TV star to President of USA

President Donald trump who is now reshaping the history of  USA after defeating the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. He was born in 1946. His all tenure of life revolves around the business and TV star. In 1971, he became involved in large, profitable building projects in Manhattan. This was his start of earn name as a business. But real turn came when he was elected as a president of USA.

During his campaign Donald Trump called for a change. watch this video. Donald Trump openly claiming that change should come from the corrupt system.

Finally he was the President but concerned quarter raised their voices against his election and claimed that Russia has invested to get him in presidency which Donald Trump Refused openly by saying. Watch This Video, He clearly claims his victory as the will of people. He claims that people have voted for him.

But the nice thing with Donald Trump as business man was his being away from politics. He even once during an interview claimed not to be involved in politics. But as his father has participated in election so Donald trump contested election. In one of his old interview he claims not to become the president. Watch this video.

Event the Melania Trump's life, melania trump as role model and Melania trump nude pictures were also discussed during the election campaign. But Donald Trump successfully managed every aspect and he faded every thing which came in his way in brilliant manner.

Now in white house he is taking decision which though can be ascribed as worst decision, but he had promised all these decision. He is blunt leader and he is not shy to express what he feels and what he want. 

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