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Karl Marx biography his life and work

The man who widely changed the world with the power of his ideas and the vibrant philosophy of communism. Indeed he was the first one who introduced the world with modern days communism. He was very right when he had said that philosophy just explains the world, the change has many other ways to come. 

Father of communism and writer of world famous The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital Karl Heinrich Marx born on 5 May 1818 in Trier in western Germany. His father was successful lawyer and rich man so the Karl Marx spent his earlier days in quite ease. 

He was enrolled in law and he studied law in the cities  Bonn and Berlin. It was the time when Karl Marx came across the ideas of  of Hegel and Feuerbach.So this was his introduction with revolutionary world.. He was awarded a  doctorate in philosophy from the University of Jena in 1841.

He remained the vibrant editor of a news paper with a fame of being liberal newspaper in Cologne. After that  father of socialism karl Marx with wife Jenny migrated to Paris which was, at that time, center of radicals. we can say that he moved to place which was quite suitable to his ideas. 

In Paris  he met a man  Friedrich Engels. who later on became a eternal personality in the history of communism. Interestingly Friedrich Engels was expelled from France just because of his radical ideas. But here he met a man who was going to give the ideological foundation of communism. 

Later on two years of brussels stay indeed made the bond of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels more strong.. One of the most read and famous  'The Communist Manifesto' was written by both and it was published in 1848. The basic idea which was propounded was about human history. They emphasized  that all human history  is nothing but class struggles and in the end all this is going to vanish with the  victory of the proletariat.

Karl Marx reached london in In 1849. These were the tough days of Karl Marx's life. In these days of suffering his only friend friedrich engels was the only support to his family.  During these period Karl Marx fully devoted himself with his famous work, 'Das Kapital'. bible of the working class of the working class was published in this phase while the remaining volumes were edited by Engels after his friend's death.
In his final years, Karl Marx was in creative and physical decline. Death of her daughter and wife put him in a extreme distress and perhaps this disturbed him alot. On 14 March 1883 this great mind of the world died and left behind him a great legacy for world. 

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