Tuesday, April 4, 2017

How UK Brexit will affect European Union, Post UK Brexit Scenerio

UK Brexit is the topic of hot debate not only in UK but also in Europe and entire world. Nobody would have ever thought about Brexit? But it is going to happen. But mainly a questions strikes the thought process that how UK Brexit will affect European Union and what would be Post UK Brexit Scenario. Theresa May speeds up the process of triggering the article 50 in an elegant manner.

Interestingly the process is going to complete soon. But few of the strategists have time and again referred the UK Brexit a process which will engulf many of the its own parts. Like what would be the future of UK after its Brexit? Would Scotaland and Northern Ireland not ask about separation? London will also be in position to get a separate identity.

Throughout the history nations have emerged from such terrible conditions. There were allies and they turned against each other. Blocks were made and later on the strategic interests compelled every country to  make his own pole. But Brexit from European Union is evident that economic interests and UK brexit are deeply attached. 

UK Brexit would give birth to enormous competitive advantage. And in result of it China would emerge as more powerful player beating others on the factors of its population and production. But as far the European Union is concerned there are so many benefits in this groups which are so far unknown to many regions. 

Connectivity in this age has a major role in the development of the nations. So when you are in a network surely, where you are source of benefits for a large number of participants, there are you are also getting back many advantages. This UK Brexit would also bring many disadvantages to UK. Specially the people of UK will not be having access to all european countries. 

On the other hand UK Brexit will have some adverse effects on the composition of the European Union. The presence of UK was somehow maintaining a balance in European Union.  But now the whole of the structure of the European Union would be re-organized. As the devolution will lead a bit disarray arrangement within the Union. 

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