Friday, April 21, 2017

How UK Brexit effecting immigrants?

Brexit gross information

Well the gross information,when it comes to the UK referendum, is something which revolve around the 23rd June 2016 when the peoples of UK voted for exit from European Union with 51.9 % for leave as compare to 48.1%. So the world came to know about a new term in the world of politics "Brexit". According to BBC "The referendum turnout was 71.8%, with more than 30 million people voting". So it indicates that majority of the people came to vote for Brexit.

Changes Brexit brought in UK

David Cameron, considering the winning votes for brexit his failure, resigned and Theresa May came into power as the new prime minister of UK. So now she the leader to carry our rest of the Brexit process under huge pressure and perceptions about the future of UK without European Union.

What Non-European Citizens of European Union thinks about Brexit?

Most of the Non-EU citizens are migrants who once came and settled in different parts of Europe. They have their businesses or they are looking for the labor to earn their bread and butter across the Europe. United Kingdom is one of their favorite destination as they find plenty of work and reasonable salary. End free movement facilities, after the brexit, is something which brings the fear of losing a good job market in the minds of non-eu workers. According to BBC statistics about migration around the period of brexit decision are as under "Immigration was estimated to be 596,000; of these 268,000 were EU citizens, 257,000 non-EU citizens and 71,000 were British citizens.Some 323,000 people are thought to have left the UK in the same period, up by 26,000 on the previous year".
This clear decrease in number of migrants is evident that UK Brexit is going to effect a large number of people specially those who are coming out of EU regions.

Family system of Non-EU Citizens

Various non-eu families are living in different parts of EU. Specially those who are coming from commonwealth countries find United Kingdom a suitable option for their settlement. Because they have a large bunch of their siblings in UK and they have a easy cultural adjustment. BBC has nicely quoted this cultural integration "Behind the mosque, which dominates the centre, is where the millworkers once lived: tightly packed, back-to-back terraced houses with clothes lines strung across the streets." So now a restriction on free movement will bring a halt on easy amalgamation of non-eu families in United kingdom and other European Union countries.
UK Brexit is not merely a vote for living in European Union or leaving it but it is more about the earning and living of many peoples who consider United Kingdom as destination of their dreams.

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