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How to prepare One Paper MCQs for Public Service Commission Exams

To get a  job in government sector widely depend upon the passing of one paper MCQs exam through various public service commissions and private testing services like in Pakistan NTS, OTS and PTS are conducting various exams for recruitment in different government department. But the real point to focus upon is how to prepare one paper mcqs preparation.  Now a day, to have good job in government sector largely depends upon one paper MCQs preparation.  

The competitive nature of one paper mcqs requires a comprehensive preparation for mcqs. Now a day every testing service and public service commission announcing jobs based on single paper mcqs. So it becomes quite important for an aspirant to have a deep understanding of nature and dimension of the paper to qualify the test. 

Generally the syllabus for one paper mcqs is defined  General knowledge, Every day Science,Islamic Studies and English. The level of question in one paper mcqs is set according to the knowledge background and learning of an aspirant on graduation level. It is alright that one paper mcqs syllabus is the same, but there is a need to develop more skills to pass PPSC, FPSC, SPSC and NTS, OTS related skills. 

Often it happens that aspirants prepare a paper very well but in the end there names are not included in the list of those candidates who have qualified for interview. Thy start  lamenting that they prepared one paper mcqs well. They covered all aspects of General knowledge but they could not pass the test. Usually, examination system is blamed for corruption and other deficiencies but there are many other things which count more than these pity thing. 

Every aspirant who is intended to prepare for public service commission's exam, he should exactly know that how to prepare for public service commission exams like one paper mcqs, PMS or CSS. There should be a comprehensive guide to prepare mcqs and other subjective paper. Because, without a thorough preparation of exams, it is hard to qualify for interview. 

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I would suggest few techniques to prepare one paper mcqs by pointing out that where usually students make mistakes. 

First of all we do not take the one paper mcqs seriously. We try to seek the easiest way of one paper mcqs guide. These single paper mcqs guides usually compiled to get a sale, they do not have anything to guide the students. Usually, these guides are carrying  outdated questions and sometime are full of mistakes in spelling and quoting the answer. 

Secondly, Single book mcqs preparation is never sufficient in contemporary competitive nature of exams. There are too many candidates and number of posts is to small. So at this stage competition and skill level increases manifold. So  a candidate coming to sit in exams must be equipped with all necessary and comprehensive knowledge of current affairs and General knowledge. 

Lethargic nature of the candidates also plays havoc with their future. Indeed when you are in exam process, utmost level of preparedness and motivation is required. Sometime it happens that a candidate is fed up of one paper mcqs preparation after few failures. contrary to it , consistency is required to qualify for the interview in public service commission exams.

Here we start that how to prepare for one paper mcqc:

The best strategy to pass mcqs paper is the categorization of the whole syllabus. Like a candidate should make a dissection of the whole syllabus. He should keep all the parts of syllabus for one paper mcqs in separate categories. It is not the same as we think that syllabus is already categorized. It comes in terms with preparation.when preparing for single paper mcqs, you will be in better position is all of the sections are divided in distinctive categories. Like 

When preparing for Pakistan affairs mcqs, we should keep it in mind that history of Pakistan starts from 712 in syllabus, when Muhammad Bin Qasim invaded the Sind and it is continued till to date. So it is better to categories the Pakistan affairs mcqs in these sections.

1. 712 to establishment of Dehli sultanate. Main points to cover in this sections are the dates, crowns and their reforms.

2.  From Dehli Sultanate to Mughal rule. 

3. War of independence to 1947. Here we have something to comprehend in more exclusive manner in preparation of Pakistan affairs mcqs. British Raj includes constitutional reforms, Political movement, religious movements and important personalities related with the historical events in those days.

4. 1947  onward 

This section of Pakistan studies includes constitutional development in Pakistan, reforms which were brought forward at different interval and political personalities. 

The best tip to prepare Pakistan affairs mcqs is to read graduation level books on history of Pakistan. In this regard Tehrik Pakistan is very informative book covering almost all the Pakistan studies mcqs. Comprehensive General Knowledge by Ch. Ahmed Najib for Pakistan studies is also an important book which fully covers the syllabus of mcqs paper. 

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General knowledge for mcqs test is also a crucial part of paper. The main thing with this part of paper is that how to prepare general knowledge questions, while it so diversified. In preparation of general knowledge it very well needed that  a candidate should be smart and vigilant enough to keep an eye on all the important event occurred last year or are going to occur in coming calendar. With a good general knowledge guide, this kind of picking up of the questions from daily newspapers would create a huge difference. 

Islamic studies mcqs mainly revolve around the life of Holy Prophet (PBUH), in this regard, it is better to buy a separate book of islamic studies mcqs book. Divide all the portions like start of preaching of Islam. Different events like ghazvas of islams, pillars of islam and important peronalities. 

For  mathematics mcqs preparation it is suggested that middle school level books be consulted for better preparation and revision of basic principle of math in easy manner. 

Sample paper for MCQs exams are good but there are not useful until, you have not prepared the the mcqs in above mentioned manner. Because sample paper just help you to test your general knowledge they are not giving you sufficient knowledge to prepare for one paper mcqs.

old paper model papers for mcqs are quite helpful as you can make a guess that how a paper is being made and which type of questions are being put by the paper maker. 

One paper mcqs is bit tricky thing  and more tricky question is that how to prepare one paper mcqs . Continuous and a well planned preparation can ensure and maximize the chances of success in various single paper mcqs exam under different service commissions and testing services. 

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