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How to get italian workpermit/seasonal work visa

Italian Seasonal Work Visa or workpermit is  wonderful opportunity for non-eu citizen to come and work in Italy for period of nice months. Italy government have delegated the powers to issue wok permits to the regional offices at provincial level, (Sportello Unico per l’Immigrazione). So these offices are solely responsible to for the provision of foreign labour on wokperimits.  This is done through issuing the nulla osta al lavoro which is translated as workpermit in English.  Mostly Non-EU workers are hired for a specific period and that is called seasonal work visa. Seasonal visa is always for a specific terms, a person under this Italian seasonal visa is hired for limited tenure of the year. Another aspect of the seasonal work visa is its specific sector like if you are being given seasonal visa you will have to work a sector like agriculture or tourist sector.

Well about italian workpermit process here we have few lines. Italian Government have devised the a procedure to issue workpermit and it approved "decreto-flussi" every year for Non-EU Worker. Any Italian citizen can apply to bring any person for working in field of agriculture and tourism. A person or the owner of any business who wants to hire labor from outside of EU region, he will apply online and later he will go to Sportello Unico to submit the necessary documents for further processing of seasonal work visa for person, he is intended to hire.

The maximum period for which seasonal visa can be issued is 9 months. Indeed, it is a specific time in agriculture working in Italy. A person who is acquiring seasonal work visa, will be able to extend it if he gets a work contract for further period.

Any association who is running its work in agriculture sector and tourism can also apply for the hiring of workers from outside on the same procedure. In fact many association are apply for workpermit of the workers from non-EU regions.

When Italian government clears the workpermit for any person who is hiring the labor, he will send nulla osta al lavoro to the relevant person in his country. The person who will recive the nulla osta al lavoro, he will contact the Italian embassy or consulate for processing of his visa. After when his visa is stamped he will come to Italy on work permit.

Ministry of Interior (Ministero Dell’Interno) of Italy will register that worker for social benefits as well as for the training of Italian language. Learning of the Italian language is transitional and necessary step to further integrate in Italian work market when person comes to Italy on workpermit.  
A working residence permit for seasonal work is valid for six months and can be extended by an extra three months. Permits for self-employment, employment at a local employer and family joining visas are valid for up to two years.

If person comes to Italy on specific workpermit and his permits expires, he is eligible to apply for the next term in next year. It totally depends upon the validity of his documents and the availability of new work contract next year.
If an employer again wants to hire the services of the labor for long time he can again apply and  Sportello Unico does not reject the application and it usually gives permission to the employer to have that labor again on  workpermit.
Italian Seasonal work permit can be made permanent, If a person who is coming on workpermit gets  contract and he is consistently adding in the development of sector where he has been recruited. This all requires his performance and work contract.

Italy is a beautiful country with many legal facilities to work and live. Italy every announces many workpermits on quota basis for Non-EU Citizens. So it advised that try to seek a better work contract. Workpermit would be initially valid for six months and it can be extended for further three months. So better to get Italian seasonal visa on better conditions.

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