Monday, April 10, 2017

How to get Italian Citizenship

We often do not consider the citizenship an important things specially when we are inheriting a citizenship from father or mother. International Law gives a heavy weightage to Citizenship. According to the set words of international law for Citizenship, if a person not having the any nationality or he is not the Citizen of any of country he is stateless person. Citizenship is usually obtained  by birth or inheritance within a certain geography, naturalization and sometime 

by marriage with the citizen of a state. So Citizenship is basic element in gaining all the human rights and civil rights attached with the laws. Because whenever you will be consider citizen, you will be able to request the government to provide and protect your basic rights. 

Since the establishment of European Union in 1957, all of the countries who joined this union became a member of it with all the rights. One of the rights was European Union Citizenship. So the person who was the Citizen of any European Country also became the European Union Citizen. So this with the citizenship of his own country he was eligible for the European Union Citizenship.By this they became eligible for the free movement across the European Union and Right to get a job in the EU member state.

Italy after becoming the member of European Union came on the list of the countries of which citizenship is sought by many people. Italy was already receiving and accommodating a huge number of migrants. But Now after getting italian immigration a person was eligible to enter in all the 28 European Union Member countries. Italian passport is enough as entry permit in any of european state.

Law no. 91/1992 governs the italian citizenship matters, which,this law unlike previous law is more focused upon the intentions of a person to acquire the italian citizenship.Moreover this law provides a facility to any italian national to maintain dual nationality. Thus this law is quite helpful to get italian immigration and italian citizenship.

There are three ways to get italian citizenship. These three prominent ways are  (1) by parents (2) by marriage with italian man or woman (3) naturalization.

Principal of jure sanguinis (blood right) gives the base for italian citizenship. Infact this law is the main law regarding italian citizenship. Under this law a child  from an Italian father or mother is also an Italian citizen. Earlier it was not possible to get citizenship through this law but later on supereme court gave the decision on the grounds of basic rights  and gener equality.So we can say italian bloodline is enough to claim a citizenship. So any person who is having mother or father from italia can claim Italian Citizenship.

A person if he or she marries an italian men or women can have italian citizenship. But if he or she is maintaining any criminal record in or out of italy , they would not be able to gain italian citizenship through this way. Moreover, if government consider any of the person who is trying to get Italian nationality through marriage a threat for the security of country and for the public order, he or she will not be able to get italian citizenship. A good thing in this way of getting nationality is no language proficiency. The person need not to speak italian language.

A person who is not hailing from EU states can have italian nationality after four years of legal stay in italy.A person who have native italian parents or grandparents, if he is intended to get italian citizenship, he will be able to do so after three years of stay in italy. So it is quite clear that italian citizenship is bit easy than other EU member state and one thing that is more good thing is law which supports people to have italian citizenship.

Italian citizenship provides you many benefits like 

you become eligible to have free movement across the EU states.

You are eligible to gain every medical facility which is available. 

You become eligible to enjoy financial benefits. 

You can have your own business.

Your children can enjoy quality education. 

you have all the social securities. 

Italy is beautiful country of wonderful people. Italian Citizenship is a golden opprotunity which can bring prosperity and standard in your life. So if you are going to apply for italian nationality follow the proper laws and consult an experienced lawyer for whole procedure. 

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