Thursday, April 6, 2017

Facebook Promotion, does the Facebook post boost work to bring traffic on your blog ?

If you have traffic problem  either with blog traffic or website traffic, you use every possible way to boost your traffic. I would talk about Facebook promotion , does the Facebook post boost work to bring traffic on your blog? Mainly this question strikes the mind of every new blogger? Tips for new blogger indeed play a vital role for the bloggers to take a good start. 

But Before, starting my post i have a little thing to share with new bloggers. I started blogging few months back with and choose a name without considering niche type things. Check my blog it purely shows few sections which indicate that this is a general domain well when started reading tips about blogging. I came to know that blogging is a bit organized thing. Specially when a blogger is intended to get Adsense approval for Adsense earning. 

Traffic is one the vital thing to get Adsense Approval as well to earn money from adsense. As a part of my learning i wrote this post which was sharing few tips about blogging. I addressed the question that that How to bring the traffic on Blog and Youtube? Mainly it was sort of experience and tips for traffic on blog. But later on when i was learning about blogging, i came to know that there are many other things which are most important and necessary for blogging. 

Very few tips about blogging, which are often told by the different forums about blogging and the bloggers community is the selection of a topic. Like you are writing about technology and your blog should carry all the posts related with the technology. But selection of niche for blog became a problematic thing for me. So apart from all the things I wrote on all topics. Click this link and see my website for different topics. 

How to solve traffic problem, I recently have an experience. I opted the facebook promotion of my page with name of techsolutions. It was just an experience of advertising with facebook. I initially picked my this post about recent statement of theresa may to keep the free border movement open for sometime after when Brexit is completed. to maximize visitor on my blogger. I opted for the region which are consider good traffic for Adsense. But for hours my post was under promotion and facebook  was showing no result to me. 

I again opted a new promotion to increase visitor on my blog. So i picked another post which was a review of Glaxy A 5 a new released Andriod mobile by Samsung as it was a post about  a new arrival so it was picked by many and post outreach was into some extent good. but What i want to share exactly about Adsense and blogger is here.
No doubt my CTR went down but on the whole i could not get much traffic on my Blog. It just returned me very low traffic for my blog and number of clicks was also zero. So apart from either facebook promotion is good or bad for adsense, there is a question that either it truly brings traffic or adword should be used for traffic without harming the Adsense. 

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