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Evolution of Muslim Society in Subcontinent

Evolution of muslim society in subcontinent is phenomenon which is stretched on long period. Approximately, we can assume that evolution of muslim society in subcontinent started in the time of Pious Caliphate of madina. Muslim after the death of Holy Prophet (PBUH) sought the extension of state of madina through military and preaching expedition. Right at this whole of the south asia and subcontinent came in interaction with the muslims. 

Almost all of the historian have a consensus that people of subcontinent were in trade contacts with the Arabs. In the meantime announcement of the Prophethood of the Holy Prophet(PBUH) gave a new dimension to these relations. As the evolution of the society is purely a sociological term so it was little political in subcontinent. But it is authentic narrative that exactly muslims in subcontinent came through their inroads. 

In the tenure of pious caliphate of Hazrat Usman(RA) muslims were making expeditions to the the coastal areas of subcontinent but it was later on umayyad period  when Muhammad Bin Qasim was successful enough to grasp the major areas of Sindh. So Sindh was the first province which came under the muslim rules. 

But before analysis of the evolution of muslim society in subcontinent, it is quite important to mention that establishment of muslim rule in subcontinent after arabs fell in the hands of Afghans and Turks. After the Dehli Sultanate, Mughals were successful enough to maintain their rule for one thousand years. So muslims during these periods inscribed their imprints on the history of Subcontinent.

Muslim society firstly took the initiative to keep itself intact from the effects of brahmanism. As previously all those invaders who were attacking the subcontinent were unable to preserve their distinctive recognition.  So the result was their amalgamation in indigenous  culture. 

Muslims although coming from three different sides like arabs, turks and afghan maintained their identity and style of living according to the muslim style. They continued their language and in the subcontinent their new language was mainly derived from arabic, persian and turkish language. So at stage urdu became a symbol of muslim culture and muslim society in subcontinent. 

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Secondly, muslims maintained their own code of dress. They were usually wearing the dresses according to the code of islam. So it also helped them to evolve their own society within the jurisdiction of subcontinent. 

The justice system was on the lines of principles given by Islam. Indeed a long span of time observed the administration of justice according to the principles of Islam. Through this way, muslims were successful enough to maintain their special identity in subcontinent. 

Indeed this evolution of muslim society later on helped the muslims in subcontinent to demand for a separate homeland in Subcontinent. This special identity later on became the base of two nation theory and Quaid E Azim successfully used all these aspects in his arguments for a separate country of muslims in subcontinent. 

So, we can say that the evolution of muslim society for not a single day event. Indeed it took many hundred years to get its roots in subcontinent.   

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