Tuesday, April 4, 2017

China a superpower of business world with its own Tech Market

China is a symbol of development. It is a superpower of business world with its own tech world. Few of the leading newspapers have called china a  galapagos island in context of its technological bindings. But when it is deeply observed it comes forth that indeed china is isolated with rest of world in terms of technology but its own local firms are making huge progress in China. 

Facebook and Google in China  has been blocked and a limited access is there to have these social media tools.  Infact all the big companies coming to china, are facing a same pattern of treatment. But when it is observed in term of business development china is having well maintained business regulator terms. 

As far as facebook and Google in china are concerned, recently we have observed that there are many other countries in world where still facebook and google are not permitted. But as far as China as a superpower is concerned , it has exceeded USA in business world. 

Where we observe such restriction in China, there we have seen  Alibaba in China have done extremely a superb job. This online shopping site has gained the trust of buyer as well the seller. It shows that there is a potential in electronic marketing and digital working in China. 

A country if developing its own internet or technology , it is not bad. But a notion of isolation should be removed as the world is rapidly integrating in a single unit. And at a level where a country is having a potential of becoming superpower, there the flexibility plays a vital role. 

China is the region of Asia is major country. Its efforts for the peace in the region has greatly contributed to the stability in the region and world. 

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