Thursday, April 6, 2017

Causes of Separation of East Pakistan

When it comes to the major events of the last century in the history of muslims of subcontinent, creation of Pakistan in 1947 and Separation of East Pakistan in 1971 are counted major events. But primarily causes of separation of east Pakistan are considered vital to understand the phenomenon of creation of Bengal. When  historian starts his research it is more than shocking to know that if in subcontinent, if any province sustained a well rooted muslim culture and rule that is Bengal. But later on the people of east Pakistan sought to get a separate status to make themselves a separate nation. 

So from the center and birth place of muslim league to the most deserted and desperate to get separation from Pakistan , Bengal raised a question mark on the Two Nation theory. Indeed Muslims again sought to identify their exact place in Subcontinent. This all happened in a short period of short period of 24 years from birth of pakistan in 1947 to 1971. 

Exactly what has been identified as the leading cause of separation of East Pakistan is the feeling of being ignored by the Center. As in 1947 Karachi was made the Capital of new country Pakistan, so placed at very far position from the center lead the people to believe that they are unable to have any role in Center. 

Similarly bureaucracy remained very vital to realise the people of East Pakistan that they are inferior and they maintained the practice of old ICS regime. So sense of being under colonial rule could not be shattered and people remained under oppressive treatment of bureaucracy. This finally lead to the creation of Bangladesh. 

Language issue, basically raised by the hindu bengali teachers in Dhaka University created a big hype. Killings of student on the issue of making bengali language national language proved a major factor in separation of east Pakistan. This where made a perception that Bengalis are being ignored in national stream there they realised that their majority is not being given any weight in West Pakistan. 

After the partition of india , when two states emerged , new governments started development works in relevant jurisdiction. So was in Pakistan. But all the development Budget was mainly consumed in West Pakistan and a meager share was allocated to East Pakistan. This made people to think about their own way of life. So this proved a a prominent cause of separation of East Pakistan.

Coming to the share in services, Bengali were almost in no proportion in services as compare to the Punjabi and other ethnicity. So along with all these factors, Bengali realized that they are being turned down by the Punjabi in all fields of life. 

Lack of political vision in later leadership played a major role. As after the demise of liaqat ali khan , no leader could emerge as a level to bring a unity among the nation. So ultimately the lack of vibrant leadership created a void which was widen by further events. 

These were few prominent causes of separation of east Pakistan. Now Pakistan and Bangladesh maintain a separate identity and new generations even have  no idea of the bitterness. But it was a major event of Muslim history in subcontinent. 

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