Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Cancer treatment how it comes

Cancer treatment specially when you are having it to your or someone very close to you, then it is a gloomy picture to portray. But cancer treatment has many factors to play with . I was reading a story in the Newsweek which compelled me to write on it. So, you are lucky if you are having it in a condition where all the necessary facilities are easily available to fight with cancer.  

Coming to the place or country where you are living, it sounds bit strange that In USA the leading disease to count for death is Cancer. But as the cancer treatment is concerned there are many factors which play pivotal role to decide that whether a person who is suffering from Cancer would survive or he would be availing best Cancer treatment facilities. 

As far as i am having a little ideas in the Asian region. Sometime having cancer becomes a curse for you. race, ethnicity and your social status becomes very important to get a better treatment of it. Even sometime women in rural areas are diagnosed breast cancer at later stages with almost no possibility to get treatment.

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But when we make a projection of cancer treatment in USA, we have a very positive figure . Almost  Million American have encouragingly left the cancer behind. They are living a healthy life. The more brighter side of this projection is  20 million people by 2026. 

But to look for the cancer treatment is not as simple phenomenon as it is taken. First of all after when it is diagnosed, early counselling plays a vital role in its cure. So Cancer treatment is into a large extent depending upon the counselling.

But keeping it on low beat, let me say the personal courage and standing is very vital to fight cancer. You are having best cancer treatment but you are not having personal standing, you are indeed stepping towards a death end. 

So hope is a better element and strong factor to get cancer treatment. Indeed it is very vital specially when you are having cancer. Other complexities and factors come to play on a very later stage. Let us hope that we would bring hope for our friends and the people who are suffering from cancer. 

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