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Preparation of Indo-Pak History (History of India & Pakistan) according to new revised syllabus

Going for any history related subject in CSS depends upon your ability and interest in History. Like History is related with past. Anyone, who is living in India or Pakistan knows that History of India and Pakistan has witnessed the rule of many dynasties. We know about the 17 attacks of Mahmood of Ghazna. There were slave dynasties, mughals and then British Raj. Simply we all know about Tughlaqs, lodhis, babar and later on War of independence in 1857.

We have listen the stories about Sher Shah and his historical reforms. Even the chain of justice by Jahangir is still referred. We all know that war of independence was fought by all the natives subcontinent but these were the muslims who paid the price of waging war against british. Soon after the rise of british raj and atrocities by the Hindus, we reach to our destination Pakistan. But in the meanwhile Sir Syed made untiring efforts to introduce muslims with modern education.

But from CSS point of view history of indo pak in entirely different. Now when the syllabus has been revised so preparation for indo pak history is revolving many new things. Because, now almost two papers i.e Paper A and Paper B have been merged into a single paper. This where creates hurdle for paper setter there it brings many problems for the aspirant.

Now striking question is that how to cover so lengthy syllabus in short time. This is the main point to crack. First of all if we analyse the syllabus carefully, we come to know that there are total sections or bullets in syllabus. So primary focus should be these 8 bullets. 
Like Muslim rule and heritage in India widely revolves around the era when sub-continent first time came in interaction with Muslim government. So it starts from the rise caliphate in Madina,then Arabs. Later on Afghan from west made many expeditions which ultimately helped Muslims to establish their rule on Delhi. From Slave dynasty to Bahdur Shah Zafar, there are just few things which can be exactly counted as main event of Muslim history. These events are mainly related with administrative reforms, agriculture, social and educational phenomenon.

So to crack this portion well focus in these four dimensions. So taking Muslim rule and heritage in India according to these four points, you will be having only few kings in all these dynasties who had exactly brought few reforms. Like in mughal dynasty , Babar is prominent as the founder of dynasty. Akbar brought reforms and innovations. Similarly Aurengzaib's rule was the point where decline of mughal started. So pick these lines to start your preparation.

Read the biographies of famous personalities here

Similarly British Raj exactly starts from the war of independence in 1857. Late on there was introduction of many constitutional reforms. So on there was emergence of political parties and political movements. So this portion mainly revolves around these few phenomenon.   

After 1947 till the first Martial law there are very few developments like objective resolution 1949 and first objective committee formation. So take over by Ayub and later on his constitution is the true starting point. Because exactly at this stage history of Pakistan witnessed many ups and downs.

Always remember Pakistan's history widely revolves around two phenomenon: one is martial law and other restoration of constitutional so these two factors along with other formations attached with these events are important.

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