Thursday, February 23, 2017

Oscar 2017 having La La Land as favorite

Oscars always have outstanding narrative when they are touched in sense of culture and best performing art. Indeed Oscar is more than honor. It depicts that a movie or actor has done what would be kept remember forever by the viewers. This is an outstanding notion and classic review of the things, stories and performances. Oscar is also referred as a walk on the red carpet. So, this walk is not as easy a people consider it. It requires many long years of effort to get yourself recognized.

Oscar 2017 having La La Land as favorite picture in all respect. This movie has even shunned the words of its counterparts in  the race of Oscar Award. On the whole when this movie is analysed it gives a sense of perfection in it. This is what makes this movie more classic and lovely. This movie has according to analysts made it way to red carpet. 

La La land for Oscar is not something new . This movie has already earned major share in the awards this year. So by all respect it is not as simple. It deserves and it has earned this. Emma stone in La La land gave his best of skills she bears in acting. As an actor she really attracted the mind and hearts of his fan. 

American history has many phases of pictures and dramas but la la land added the musical touch. Emma stone exactly performed very rightly in the suit of a struggling actor. She nicely picket the lines of plot and transformed them into a best acting expression.Ryan Gosling also shares the appreciation for best performance in La La Land.  

This year Oscar would complete its unique 89th years of awarding to actors and best movies. Perhaps this golden day would be on 26 February . The nominees and the final winner will be making headlines next day. But still the world is focusing on the day of Oscar. People want to see their favorite actors walking on the red carpet with extraordinary pride. 

There are many other good names and the pick ups for the Oscar 2017. These Include Moonlight, Elle. So this year Oscar is also carrying many brilliant name. 

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