Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I Phone 7 breaks all sale records of Apple

People have waited exclusively for i phone 7 and finally when it was in market, they rush to buy it without considering any other thing about it. Now according to media news and apple itself the I phone 7 breaks all sale records of Apple and it makes a record of best sale ever to apple. It brings huge revenue for apple across the world. So was the release of apple i phone 7 which smashed all the previous record and got a recognition of best sale across the world.

How many I phone apple sold?  It is a big number of 78.3 million according to apple. This is not an ordinary number indeed it is more than a simple count. It is a  big number. This sale is the biggest number to earn huge revenue for Apple. Apple indeed came to have its best sale of the quarter.Apple's CEO  Tim Cook was very much excited in a press release about the sale of Apple I phone 7. He in a great joy told that through I phone 7 they have set a revenue record of the apple history.He told that company earned two third of its total sale from the i phone 7.

Indeed  features of I phone 7  have played a dynamical  role in its sale and people liked it. Although I phone 6 was launched two years ago but the advanced feature of I phone 7 like water resistance and better camera are adding more attraction in look and characteristics of I phone 7. Moreover people have largely liked the I phone 7 Plus. Which have a nice look as well more advanced features. Infact it is a bigger version of i phone family and it has a camera with the power of two lenses. This is what makes i phone 7 plus more attractive and well offer of the purchasers.

Apple also have record sale in other products like there 5.4 million mac,13.1 million i pad and it remained single company earning equal to the revenue of 100 companies. In Fact  the sale of the Apple remained on high and more than what was projected by the analysts of apple. It shows that people are liking apple product and they are enjoying the best features provided by apple.

Tim Cook CEO of the Apple  has high hopes with the performance of the company. It was quite reflecting from his words that he projects the revenue and future of the company more bigger as he is expecting now.  Few days back apple also register a vaporizer as its patent. So now it can be said that apple is moving more quickly and making huge progress.

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