Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How to Prepare for CSS Exam?

Central Superior Service (CSS) is one of the most prestigious exams in Pakistan. Although provinces conduct various services exam along with Provincial Management Service Exam(PMS) but CSS has more charm and attraction for the aspirants. Because after getting through this exam, you are going to enjoy a long range of facilities, trainings and chances to represent your country within and across the world. 

You have proper service cadre, you have a timely promotion and you are in the mainstream making decisions. Along with all these attraction the orbit of CSS gives you space to get the utmost possibilities of personal growth. This is the point which matters a lot. 

Another aspect related with CSS is your chance to get your desire group. So when you are in your desired group, you feel yourself in better position and atmosphere to work in. All these things ultimately give you a peace of mind. 

But before achieving all this you need to get through a lengthy process. This process involves twelve papers , psychological test and viva. If you pass the written portion of the exam, then the aggregate of these three tests decide that which group should be allocated to you. 

So in the journey of CSS, what comes first is written exam. Indeed this is this first obstacle which you have to counter. Because written portion is the test of your knowledge about a certain subject along with your writing skills. And if you do not have analytical skills, both of your qualities i.e knowledge and writing expertise are not going to give you anything. 

So, a proper a person who have well developed reading habit can easily overcome the first step in written portion. But what about how to write? although few people have general ability of writing in true spirit but a good teacher can help them to polish their skills. So the guidance of a good English teacher can help you to overcome faults in your writing.

Reading of daily newspapers help you to develop a multidimensional approach towards specific issues. So reading of two or three good newspapers daily will help you to improve your analytical skills. 

A well planned start of preparation for css would help you to maintain a smooth journey. So plan everything in a manner that every aspect either it is personal or related with studies is under you control specially during your three css attempts. 

There are many other things which include css subject selection, note taking and finally management during the exams. These all aspects would be covered in next post. 

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