Friday, February 3, 2017

How to know about Diabetes Mellitus, its types and Cure

 Diabetes Mellitus is disease  which effects the capacity of body to use energy produced through the intake of food in body properly. Indeed it is one of the lethal and chronicle disease found in world. It is regarded one of the most dangerous disease. So far there has been three main types of Diabetes has been discovered,  which include Diabetes Type one, Diabetes Type 2 and gestational diabetes. Indeed all of these three types directly hit the efficiency of body to engulf the proper energy for different functions of the body.  When there is not enough insulin is produced then energy produced in body through the breakdown of the carbohydrates becomes useless for body.

Medical Science has clearly categorized the Causes of Diabetes  which can be accordingly stated as per the order of their priority. These causes are defined as under:

Careless behavior about health
Now a days life is much busy . Everybody has a hectic routine and is busy in doing so many things all around. This busy schedule of life makes man careless about health. Like we are all the way are fond of using technology for life. We move in cars for travelling from one place to another and we use elevator for passage. These all, although provide us comfort but in the end we start getting rely on these things which ultimately effects our health because of lack of use of human limbs ultimately cause gaining of weight. 

junk food  we use junk food daily. Although, it taste very well. We can get and move to home with ready food and enjoy it a lot but ultimately it brings us towards getting weight and where there is the tendency of weight gaining then the chances of Diabetes Mellitus increase manifold. So these types of habit becomes one of the primary source not only for Diabetes Mellitus but also for many other diseases in human body. 

lack of insulin producing beta cell
Diabetes Type one is primary caused by the lack of insulin producing beta cells. Although Diabetes type one is also  sometime inherited. So when there is no insulin or less insulin then body loose its capacity to utilize energy properly. 

Gestational Diabetes Sometime occurs for short time in women during the pregnancy and it usually disappears when the time of pregnancy is over. It is also caused by the less secretion of insulin. 

How to avoid Diabetes?
 There are many good habits which help us to avoid or minimise the chances of Diabetes Mellitus. These simple habits and way of living are really helpful to avoid Diabetes. 

Healthy Life Style
Healthy life style involves taking proper way of life like having exercise. Proper exercise like running and  cycling can help to reduce weight and regulate sugar in the body. In the same way it helps to reduce body weight which is sometime most prone to get diabetes. 
Taking proper food
Diabetes or sugar patient should take proper food as the diabetes patient can not alway take all the foods. So a diabetes patient should be selective in his food intake and he should take his diet plan according to the prescription of the doctor.
Be touch with your consultant/doctor 
 The diabetes patient maintains a history so he should must be attached with his doctor and he should regularly visit the doctor to consult about his case and his disease. This would effectively help him to control his disease and to keep a check on the complications produced  by the Diabetes mellitus. 

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