Wednesday, February 1, 2017

First transgender mayor in the history of texas

First transgender mayor in the history of texas making the history itself. Jess herbst has made the history after becoming the mayor of a town in texas. This is surprising as well as a good news for the transgender across the world as they are often ignored but the election of Jess Herbst has opened the way for the transgenders to enter into a new era of their leadership. They will be able to show their potential for the development of their own people as well as the area which they manage. This will give them a new way of living a happy life.

He was made the mayor of the town after the death of his predecessor and in his letter to his people he has told them that he is a transgender. Infact across the world specially in asia transgenders are not treated well. Sometime they are refused basic rights in society. It hinders their way to participate in society as active member of society. So the examples like Jess Herbst are good news and indeed it will make the history.

Gender equality across the world is sought one of the primary element to make progress and development. Because all the genders have equal potential and they can contribute for the progress of their country and society equally. So is with transgender. In conservative societies transgenders are not given as much importance as they deserve but now the condition and situation of their rights is changing rapidly.

Media has play a pivotal role   in this regard. Indeed awareness campaign and dispensation of the information have largely contributed in this regard. People through electronic media and social media propagated the message of equality for transgender. Indeed now the condition for transgender is much better. ;

Even the Jess herbst has referred the strides against transgender. One of the key point about Jess herbst is that he mentioned his daughter as his biggest support. It indicates that support for transgender to promote their active role is utmost necessary. In the way if transgender comes across in the stride of society he may be given active support so that he can play his role in society for the development and progress.

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