Saturday, February 25, 2017

Donald Trump's Twitter and here world goes

Nothing is more astonishing then how Donald trump is using his twitter account and making headlines on media. Now his tweet about the national debt is widely circulating around the world. In this new tweet he has claimed that national debt in his first month of rule has dramatically reduced. The figure he told is 12 Billion. All credit goes to Donald Trump. But what about there who are sitting on the other side of the table to take all this on horns. 
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Bernie Sander is always there to take a scratch with Trump on Twitter but this new tweet has perhaps given many others a space to talk about. Trump has already asked his supporter to come in field to support him, specially when many of his opponents are holding massive rallies against him. But the main question which strikes the minds is something else. 

This is about that either his supporter will come forward to support him on twitter. Specially when analyst widely refuse his claim about national debt. Currently the US national debts stands on figure of 19947$. So it is the trump who in a seriously short period worked to bring it down. 
Experts has denied this figure claimed by trump. Instead they have suggestion for people to not ponder upon these figures being given by the Trump. There can be ambiguity, but there should not be folding of figures in this way. 

So far trump has taken many exclusive steps. These steps have been very disturbing for people as well as government. Bernie Sanders is perhaps finding right place to stand against trump. Trump on the other hand making many things to provide his opponents enough clues to raise voice against him. 

But as far as trump's twitter is concerned. Trump is using it in his own style and people are enjoying it. But on the other hand it raises a question in minds about the right use of twitter. No doubt his account belongs to him. But on the whole his information belongs to people. So is the story.

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