Friday, February 3, 2017

Donald trump making history

Donald trump making history  after imposing ban on immigrants and by stopping the entry of certain people coming from different countries. Few days back there was video which was clearly showing that trump was asking a journalist to not question and in return that journalist was referring it as his right to question about. Even he cited that he is a US citizen. During whole this saga it was clear that political change in the white house has changed the mind of the people. Now people need to own USA as they were doing earlier with  a silent gesture. But now it was being done openly. If we see this narrowly, we come to know a strange case. Donald trump not doing this as to damage the USA instead he is doing it as pro-USA notion. While on the other hand people are also reacting in the same manner they are showing their love for USA. So this time can be better ascribed as the best time giving tons of attention to USA.

Now its iran after a test of Missile . Trump has come up with his twitter account and tweeted about iran that "Iran is playing with fire". So the normalization of ties which pulled away iran from acquiring nuclear weapons has again gone to dismal situation. Now we can guess bit distracting situation from both ends but still there is nothing wrong with peace of world as well as iran. There are always breakthroughs in international relations.  So we can always hope for better in world

USA is regarded as the leader of the world and one nation striving and leading world towards peaceful existence. This makes USA special among the communities of the world. Specifically, after end of cold war  USA remained in position to determine about the future of world. This unique role of USA is still not limited. But in future course of history would be decided according to the decisions taken in trump era. Infact, now world is no more unipolar. There are many other factors which are also acting effectively. 

Russia and China are equally having their share in world politics. World has seen the role of China in Middle East and Afghanistan. China is playing more proactive policy in the region of Asia. Moreover, Russia is also now reshaping its relation across the region and world beyond its approach. USA will have to keep all of these factors forth before deciding any major policy about the world. Even now few regions are moving ahead to make their own associations to play effective role if they are being not given much importance in UNO.

Peoples of USA has always been very wise and determined about democracy at home. Surely they are also now having deeper interest in democracy not only at home but also abroad. This unique feature of USA ensures that there would be nothing wrong with principals of democracy in USA as well as in world. So the senate and the president would decide according to the aspirations of people and as what suits to USA. This what keeps all hopes alive about USA>   

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