Monday, January 30, 2017

What is Lunar New Year?who celebrates lunar new year?

When it comes to the discussion about Lunar new year there arise two very primary questions first what is Lunar New Year? and other is Who celebrates Lunar New Year?  and this is the basic discussion about lunar new year. So, when there is too many gossips or talks about it there is a need to define the lunar new year. This is the true write up about the lunar new year?

Lunar New Year  is basically chinese year. Chinese people take it as spring festival.  People in China celebrate this year in a full fledged manner with great zeal. They organise different events and it is purely a chinese festival.This festival is celebrated on the change of tradition lunisolar Calendar. The firsts day of this year is not exact but it comes between 20 january and 21 february. 28 January will the first day of the lunar new year this time.

Every region in China  celebrates new lunar year in traditional manner. Families are invited for annual reunion dinner. So, at this occasion family members even travel from far area to meet with families and celebrate their new year.  This is bit different from the new year celebrations around the world. As it happens in Europe that music functions are organised.

Lunar new year is  world's largest festival in the world as the china is leading country in terms of population. It is celebrated in most traditional way.Children and elders of the family wears different costumes and they move around the towns to express their joy and happiness. This is one of the most well celebrated festival of the china.

Lunar new year was started celebrated in 1912 by Chinese national government of that time. So far after that year it is being celebrated regularly. Although now across the world Gregorian calendar is followed but still in china this spring festival or Lunar new year is celebrated on traditional pattern and this is one of the most widely observed festival.

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