Sunday, January 29, 2017

US travel ban invokes new crisis

Trump inauguration was the beginning of a new era in USA. Indeed as it happens a large of number of peoples attended the inauguration and they were the witness of oath taking of Donald Trump. his words were carrying of hope for the people when  he said " we, the citizen of America are now joined in a great national effort to rebuild our country and to restore its promise for all our people". Infact his words were quite clear about cooperation and development of America and were calling the people to work for a greater cause of USA. He said:  " Together we will determine the course of America and the world for years to come".  His speech was rated as a best speech and nice words for the peoples and future of USA. 

Now after approving a travel ban and its challenge by Federal court Donald trump has given birth to new discussion across the world. There were protest against this decision of President of USA. Even few of the people were refused by the border control authorities to enter into USA. Moreover, human rights activists across the world also came with a notion of  unpleasant decision. within the country civil rights activist and politician belonging to democratic party condemned this decision. As they think it against the traditions of USA and against the human rights values. 

This decision when it was announced it effected almost 375 travelers coming from different destinations to USA, 97 among these were on transit from USA. They were either stopped by border control authorities or the airlines did not allow them to board. Infact this was a tumbling situation specially when you think it in the perspective of  people from different parts of world to USA. According to authorities in USA this ban on travelling effects less than one percent of the traveler from the world. 

The federal court on the other hand blocked few parts of the executive order of President Trump as it was causing  huge problem and people were struck on airports and on many other places. Donald Travel ban invokes new crisis specially for the people who came on american airports and were unable to move. According to Homeland security department few of the green card holders were also stopped from re-entering in USA.

USA has always been a great support for the people who are entering in its territory forced by different compulsion in their own countries. Indeed as it has been stated by the authorities that this presidential order was issued to mitigate the chances of terrorism but on the other it has not portrayed a good image of president trump. Infact, all the leading organization around the world has strongly condemned the this decision. 

US travel ban  which has come as surprising news for many people is now being discussed in terms of future of huge number of asylum seekers and migrants leaving their home. Infact, this decision would somehow effect the immigrants but all the international bodies would do their best to mitigate the effects of this ban.

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