Saturday, January 28, 2017

Travelling from dubai transit via Emirates airline

Travelling is a bit costly  adventure but it pays you back in terms of  experience and learning. You can enrich your knowledge. You can gain more information and you can have wonderful experiences. You come to know about peoples and places . So when  you equate your travelling experiences with these heavy returns, then you feel easy to bear the heavy expenses. Travelling to every new place enriches your knowledge and experience. This is perhaps one of the most wonderful thing in life.
Dubai as transit 

If your travelling via emirates and you have Dubai as you transit. Then it is going to be one of the  classic journey of your life. You would probably pass by Asia, middle east and Arabian desert. You feel high sky where cabin crew informs you about the altitude and you come to know the temperature outside is -61 F.

But more wonderful is shopping at Dubai airport. Duty free shops even with clear indication that duty free cigarettes can be seen at many places. Where you start walking with intention to buy there are too many attractions for you. This is what makes Dubai airport as one of your great  transit ever. Airport is well connected through trains and can easily approach to your relevant gate on specified time. You also enjoy if you have to travel on train. Mainly walking area or lounges of dubai are wonderful.

When the aeroplain is landing specially in night you enjoy this seen of burj al khalifa. The lights around the Dubai also have a unique view from the sky. Lights exactly reveal that how big Dubai is and what the beauty of Dubai is?

Currency exchange is also not a problem. There are many franchises where you can get your money exchanged with any of currency you want. There are call centers and you can easily use telephone if you are not connected on internet.

Internet facility on Dubai airport can not be rated very well indeed when you change the terminals for connecting flights, provision of internet can be effected.anyhow, this happened with me during my 5 hour transit. Possibly there can be  a problem with my cell so you may be having a good experience of internet during your stay.

Another thing about Dubai transit is availability of porters and other staff who speak many languages. You can easily talk with them for any query or information you are looking for. This makes you feel easy and relax while your stay in Dubai.

Those people who are passionate about travelling, they enjoy everywhere. Now travelling has also become very easy for tourist like now each and every information is available on internet. Online  air ticket booking, hotel booking and weather condition related information can be sought easily and quickly. So now in true sense this world has become global village.

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