Monday, January 30, 2017

must watch oscar nominees

 watching movies  is the hobby of so many people. There are many intentions and sometime attractions to watch the movies. Few people just watch movies for entertainment , few for knowledge and few enjoy the best acting and the part played by the actors. But for it there is a need that there should be a proper list of the movies and one must should keep that to watch those movies time and again . This is what is called a best choice and here best must watch Oscar nominees. 

So here are few best Oscar nominees 

Fences  is the Oscar nominated movie This movie was also nominated best picture, best actor and for the best supporting actor. It is the story of a african- american father, who is working hard to make his family grow and prosper in the decade of 50. This film was based on august wilson play.

Hacksaw ridge 
The story of solider who belongs to America and finally in the war of okinawa he refuses to kill other people and thus this give hime medal of honor without killing any person in the war. Mel Gibson was the director of this movie and he gave a best of his abilities. This movie has many ups and downs clearly snatching the breath of the viewer.This movie is one of the interesting movie among the movies related with WW2,

Hell or high water  is  a movie of divorced father who is struggling to make his son's life a better life. This movie has the beautiful depiction of a father and son's relation. Ex-con a short tempered person is also an attractive character of this movie. David Mackenzie is the Director of this movie. He nicely directed the movie and it was later on included in Oscar nominees. This movie has the best and classic emergence of emotions and furious man who easily triggers his finger to take the the life of other. 
Hidden Figures a story of three women of African-american origin working in the world's leading space agency NASA and having best of their life . And the story revolves around the launching of first astronaut in space. This splending story is bit typical but it is more lovely to watch this movie. This movie is related with space but more focused on human efforts to launch space shuttles. 

This was the short review of these Oscar nominees as per the the real stories of the movies. Infact these movies have unique names in direction and actors. So it is always lovely to watch these movie. But Generally everybody has his own choice and selection of movies. 

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