Sunday, January 29, 2017

LG and Sony stop making 3D TVs

When we come to define 3 D technology we usually define it a three dimensional image which brings the image to the viewer in more clear and extended form giving him high perception and more depth view of the picture he is watching. We usually a viral clip in which an old person watching movie in 3 D realized that the lion in the movie coming out to hurt him and lion's roar is actually for  him. So this was the clarity in particular which was provided by 3 D. And it is more common now in cinema and TVs at home.

Sony and LG two largest and major electronics giants have stopped making 3- D TVs . This was announced by the these companies this week. Last year Samsung had announced that they are shutting production of  3- D technology. So now following the  decision of Samsung, which is largest TV making company, both of these big enterprises have announced their decision. This clearly indicated for the 3- D technology lovers that now there is no company making 3- D TVs.

On the other hands when we see 3- D  technology in TV it was having many drawbacks which can be explained it costly  and sometime you were unable to buy it even after the discount.  watching tv is related with having a good experience. But 3-D TV was  not as good experience . Moreover it had effects on eyesight  and  there were many other things which can be enlisted for 3- D TV.

history  of 3 D starts from john logie baired , his company introduced the world with variety of 3-D televisions. Infact his work was the beginning of 3D technology. Which we can say is now dead almost. In Cinema watching 3D was a wonderful experiences. Although it was expensive but it was giving you the best moments of watching a movie and looking amazingly on the glasses given to you during the show.

Few of the technology experts referring it that 3 D has failed and questioning that why 3 D failed. But on the other hand 3 D technology made a good venture when it was gripped its necessary space in minds of people and people enjoyed watching it and they moved with it for a long time watching their favorite movies on 3 D.

This is the age of discoveries and invention although 3 D tvs will not be available with Sony, LG and Samsung but there are chances that many new inventions will come to replace 3 D with a new zeal and passion and with many new colors. This is perhaps end of an era and start of new beginning coming with a perfection and best of the skills.

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