Saturday, January 28, 2017

How to improve writing skills?

Writing skills are sought as basic qualification for job in any industry. Indeed being expressive in writing plays a vital role to grab a good job.  Sometime it is counted as a personality trait and it helps a person to get throghu qualifying tests for a post and scholarship. GAT, SAT and many other tests including GRE are infact widely related with language skills. And now it is common trend that your CV is considered your representation and on its explaination in CV a candidate is judged for a position.

In few countries  for basic induction in civil service language/writing skills are compulsory subjects. In Pakistan, Central superior service (CSS) and in India, Indian civil service (ICS) exams are purely tests of your knowledge and writing skills. So a well ingressed information decorated with worthy words help you to get a position in these exams.

But the basic question about writing skills is that how to improve it? Because sometime you come to know that you want to learn better but you are unable to start because of lack of information and exact procedure. So, this unawareness puts you behind in your  efforts to polish writing skills.

Wide and standard reading is key to good writing because when you will be having information you will be able to put that into your words. So reading from different sources helps you to make your writing better.

If you have to say something, say it simply this simple rule helps you to learn writing quickly. Because a basic learner is sometime stuck in process to write high sounding language. It is a type of complexity, which never let you learn that how to write.

Improve your vocabulary steadily because when you know the words then you can convey your meanings in a effective manner. So your vocabulary is basic things. It is suggested that vocabulary learning should be started by memorizing basic words of a language. Daily use of these words would quite helpful to improve your writing.

Newspapers, editorials and other quality contents have a unique quality that they carry first hand information with a modern trend of language. So daily reading of newspapers and editorial help to improve standard of writing as well as vocabulary. Moreover, a person learns the contemporary trends of language which ultimately refine his style of writing.

Grammar is also basic element in improving the writing skills. Because where  you do not have the sufficient knowledge of grammar and part of speech of any language, it is beyond the doubt that you will write better.

Practice makes a man perfect so proper follow up of what you are learning to improve your writing skills is only possible through continuous practice. There should be proper schedule and consistency in writing practice. Moreover, it should be done in proper way in organised manner.

Imitation of style of well renowned writers is also a useful way to improve writing skills. Following and by copying the style of authentic writer refines writing skills. It helps to understand sentence structure as well as it adds literary elements in writing. This has been a very effective methodology for many new learners.

Practical writing is bit different from literature. Like if your are going to give a CV write up or objective and aims it would be definitely different from a essay or short story. So be specific to what is asked. And this objective focus on language will yield better.

Literature and literary elements are the beauty of a language. So to write better it is necessary to have information with the past and contemporary literature of that language. This is the true element which will reflect from a write up.

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