Tuesday, January 31, 2017

How to get traffic on blog and youtube?

after getting account on youtube and it becomes a primary question that how to get traffic on blog and youtube?  Main reason be this question is when you have attached your blog or youtube channel to some advertisement showing sites, you need a lot of organic traffic to get your advertisement clicked and you want to earn money online. These all factors compel youtubers and bloggers to look for the traffic and search every possible mean to draw organic traffic on his or her blog. Sometime, this is going to be a huge task but usually there are few methodologies which are recommended time  and again to get desired traffic on blog or youtube.

So as told above what is recommended,include few common steps and demands your maximum time. It is quite manageable either you are a permanent blogger or youtuber or doing it as your passion or part time. So in both cases you have all the options and these are equally working. But it would not be out of place to say that your time would play a crucial role to get the traffic. You will spent time and you will get traffic. You can say that traffic is directly proportional to your time. So have more time on your laptop and have more traffic. But how it would be done? 

Search Engine optimization (SEO)  this is what is told on very first stage when you start blogging or youtube. It is recommended that you will be having your youtube channel or blog on the first page of the google search or you will be able to get traffic on blog or youtube if you do best seo of your blog, youtube channel or a video. Best seo can ensure the visibility of your blog or channel on search engine result page(SERP). This is one of the key idea or doable thing on blog or youtube. So do best yourself with seo and get desired results.

 Social network sharing
now a days majority of the people use facebook, twitter , google plus and many other sites providing them wide interaction. So if you are looking for the traffic, get connected on these sites and maximize your sharing. In return you will get traffic. Because there is common thing which we can observe that majority of the people is using facebook as source of information, for updates and for posting their own information. In groups on facebook and in community of Google  Plus you can have a huge traffic for your blog or for your youtube channel. This would provide you variety of traffic from different regions of the world.

Topic of your blog or youtube video
In our daily use of internet we watch many videos getting viral this is because a thing or event suddenly gets the attention of the people. People rush to search that topic or video in google search. So automatically where that video or the world will be present the search engine pages would pick that up for the user. So be very careful about the topic of your blog or your video. Because the people have no time to waste on useless searches. They will just come to watch what they are looking for.

Tags and labels
Tags in youtube and labels on blogg play a vital role to bring your blog or video on main search engine result pages. You have a key word and that world will play dynamical role in bringing traffic on your blog. So be very careful while using tags and labels. Alway use relevant tags and labels for your video or blog. This would enhance traffic on your blog manifolds.

Google Trends 
 Google trends is a data or type of information about the main searches on On this single point you come to know that what people are searching in USA and across the world. This gives you a kind of well done research to search a widely search topic around the globe. So before starting a blog or youtube, must consult google trends to get an idea that what people are looking for exactly. This one of the biggest breakthrough for the youtubers and bloggers. As by using the google trends they can find their keywords and topic to write and make videos. 

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