Tuesday, January 31, 2017

How to avoid breast cancer?

 Breast Cancer  is one of the most common disease among the women. According to the few reports about around 1 in total 8 women in USA would develop this cruel disease of breast cancer in 2017.This figure turns about 12 % of the total population. This disease among the women is almost common around the world and it is diagnosed almost women of the whole world. There are many types of breast cancer which include like DCIS, ILC and IDC. There are also types of IDC. Lobules are often damaged in the case of the breast cancer.

Why Breast Cancer becomes dangerous? 
Breast cancer is dangerous mostly because it goes unknown among the women. Although researches have revealed that sometime it develops at half of early age but usually it goes unnoticed. In the region like Asia and Africa usually women health is not given as much  importance as it should be given so women develops. The most commonly happening type of breast cancer is ductal carcinoma. It is so common disease that in 2012 medical related data recorded 1.7 million cases of breast cancer being diagnosed in world. Even in USA this disease leads among the number of diseases among the people. 

But now a research about Breast Cancer has revealed that its treatment is not without side effects even if it is detected on very early stage. The most common type of breast cancer  invasive breast cancer,which is usually diagnose, is treated but it leaves side effects on the health of the women. This study was conducted in Los Angeles and Georgia. This study carefully researched about the side effects of treatment of breast cancer. 

How to avoid Breast Cancer 
Breast cancer can be avoided by adopting certain precautionary measures among the women. As it is purely related with the health and it can cause severe repercussion so women should avoid few measures which are quite easy and quite useful with the daily routine. These measures will ultimately help women to avoid breast cancer, if they are not having it, on further stage, these measures are as under:

Less use of alcohol
Alcohol increases the risk of gaining breast cancer manifold. So it should be avoided to control the chances of breast cancer in women. Women should take the alcohol less so that it may not cause risk of breast cancer in them.

Smoking should be avoided 
Smoking in women also can cause Breast Cancer so women should avoid smoking. 

Should not gain weight 
 Women should carry regular exercise so that they may not gain weight and they should spent an active life to keep themselves bodily fit. This is also good for general health.  

Breast feed 
Breast feed is where good for children there it reduces the risk of Breast cancer among the mothers of all ages. So that trend of breast feeding may be given importance and it should be encouraged. This is also a preventive measure for breast cancer. 

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