Monday, January 30, 2017

General Motors and Honda launching joint venture to make Hydrogen Fuel Cells with $85 million

General Motors Motors and Honda launching joint venture to make Hydrogen Fuel Cells with $85 million  investment. This would happen in the city of Michigan in USA. According to the both companies one hundred workers will be hired for this specific project of hydrogen fuel cells. Both of the big giants will contribute half of the amount to complete this venture and these batteries will be used in hybrid. This new venture will give a new pace to the world of motor vehicle as it is going to reshape fuel consumption.

Now after this project gasoline vehicles will be having a more viable alternative as hydrogen fuel cars. Now when world is going to search fuel efficient cars, then Honda, Toyota and Hyundai are giving hydrogen fuel cars to the world. This would be one of the new addition in fuel system in world of vehicles. As the fuel sources are depleting rapidly.

General Motors and Honda will start making these cells by 2020. These cell would be environment friendly and will cost less to the users. Currently USA is the country where fuel cell vehicle are on highest demand. indeed it is becoming a best sale and best choice in USA. As one of the main factor is its efficiency second it is most innovative idea.

People in USA are now moving for fuel vehicle cells and they want it just for fuel efficiency and better performance of the vehicle. Honda and General motors have vowed to give new clean energy resources to the world. This venture would be perhaps one of the great venture of this century and in the world of fuel research in world. 

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