Monday, January 23, 2017

Donald trump and amercian hopes

In the terms of political science leadership is considered one of the most important aspect to lead a nation towards success. So is with USA. Where the president has always been a pivotal position. In crisis, in calamities and in the time of wars, president comes forward to lead the nation. He leads from front. He confronta oppositions. He levels national decisions and he announces what hails as sacred words for nation. Shortly after God president of USA guards the interests of USA. So that he is called the most powerful head of government and most influential person in the world.

Election 2016 has given a new lead to the political sphere of USA.A country with bia-party system elected Donald trump as their president for next five years leaving hillary clinton behind the line. Here the reign of power came to through divert as the trump was going to replace Barak Obama. Who achieved the slogan of change with zeal.

Now trumps have all the hopes and all the aspects to move his nation. He purely speaks about people of USA. And as he is a businessman he thinks about economy and for more job creation and  getting back jobs for American.

But apart from economy he has raised the slogan to fight against the odds across the world. He vowed to fight against global terrorism. No doubt he has picked where shoe is pinching but right things is dealing with interests of people.

USA has now many challenges ahead in the leadership of new president. Although Obama worked to melt the ice with Cuba and initiated a process to reinstate relations in the region within it boundary but still this process is requiring more attention and speed up process to built a better image of USA.

No doubt trump has been so far in better position to attract the attention but now there is a need to develop a comprehensive strategy towards world affairs. There is a need to sustain post cold war situation without raising more conflicts.

Muslim world should be addressed in a proper way so that a big proportion of world population may be inducted in development of the world. There is dire need to classify enemies and to make more friends for sustainable peace in world.

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