Friday, January 27, 2017

what is disaster management? how it is done?

No region in world is saved from natural calamities and disasters. Earthquakes, floods and landslides in different  regions of the world compel human localities to move away from their place of abode. But it this displacement is always followed by certain damages like injuries, deaths and sometime huge breakdown in form of criminal activities. These all post-disaster situations can be avoided or lessen if certain precautionary measures are taken in advance. In disaster management few steps are counted very important. Which are as under:
A well organised disaster management body
A sufficient and competent disaster management body with all necessary capacities is utmost necessary to make disaster management. Because disaster management is not possible without proper supervisory body and a unit equipped with all tools.

Coordination is vital to conduct disaster management activities as sometime due to lack of effective coordination disaster management activities become useless. So there should be proper mechanism of coordination to cover clamity hit area.
Local involvement is also a primary factor in disastermanagement. Like if rescue activities are underway in areas where people have certain traditional values then the locals should be taken into confidence before entering in a specific area. It would enhance the efficacy of disaster management activities.

Identification of effected areas/needs
There should be emergency sheet to draw the areas with severe emergency. Preference should be given those areas and people who require utmost attention and recovery on minimum efforts. It is better to have updated population chart of areas with accurate information. Even death rate and  gender based divison of the population must also should be registered.
" passion to deal with emergency plays pivtoal role"
So the staff invovled in rescue activites should be highly motivated and well intended to help the people.
Trainig of staff
Trained and well learned rescue staff can be most effective and helpful in addressing the problems of peopls. So academy of disaster management with well learned faculty having practical experience can be helful to further prepare the people for disaster management.

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