Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Crisis of south Asia a problem based analysis

South Asia is region which always covers its place in news because of its  multi-dimensional  nature of problems and situations. There are nuclear states, cross border infilteration, water crisis and many more things. The geography and the people of the region maintain a unique position in world. Few of the countries in region have a direct link with countries maintaining status of super power. There is afghanistan, india and Pakistan and their inter-state tussles playing major role in shaping the conditions .
Kashmir issue is a main bone of contention in the region since 1947. India and Pakistan are main stakeholders in Kashmir and both have declared Kashmir as lifeline. And both have deputed huge number of troops in region. More importantly, peoples of India and Pakistan have emotional attachment with Kashmir. So this entangled situation have always kept both governments away from a political settlement of Kashmir issue. This issue has given birth to three main wars in 1947, 1965 and 1971. Most recently issue of kargil can be numbered as recent armed clash between two nuclear powers on Kashmir issue.

Water crisis since 1948 are also having roots in south Asia. First time India stopped water of Pakistan with intentions to make lands of Pakistani Punjab barren. A war was avoided narrowly and finally in 1960  a solution was deduced which is famous as Indus water treaty system(Sindh Taas agreement).
This agreement for time being settled the dispute but ultimately water tensed areas and extreme demand of water for agriculture and energy sector urged both countries to dig new holes for water. Many defense analysts and research institutions have time and again indicated water as only reason in region to fight upon. The situation becomes more severe when the economy of both countries widely depends upon agriculture. So south Asia always alarms the ring for a confrontation.

Afghanistan since the soviet union invaded it is unstable. Soon after Russian evacuation war among warlords and treble heads to get control of affairs have caused huge devastation. Taliban regime provided few years of stability but after world trade center incident and presence of wanted people compelled the allies to attack it. Now Afghanistan is heading towards stability but still region have soaring place.

Presence of nuclear flash point and nuclear capability is also adding fuel to fire. India and Pakistan both have nuclear material and in the presence of long standing issues like Kashmir makes it more dangerous.

SAARC like forum were having potential to yield in terms of betterment of region. But unfortunately this block turned into a futile block and could not come up like a strong block to unite the people.  But its presence still have chances to deal future problem.

Now after the start of grand project like CPEC , china is also becoming a major player in region. Pakistan has projected CPEC as greater opportunity for its economic revival. But still there is a need to get a clear blue print of CPEC.

Basically South Asia is a well ingressed region where the basic causes of problems lies within the region. It is beyond the doubt that foreign elements cause many disputes but collectively south Asia has potential to curb its problems by extending cooperation in field of education and energy. There is a need to achieve SAARC and ASEAN like institutions. People to people level interaction should be enhanced and pity affairs should settled amicably.

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