Sunday, January 29, 2017

apple patents a vaporizer

Apple  a big giant in technology world has no match in world. it is giving us best i phone featured with multiple functions and new ease to use cellular technology. Indeed when we think about apple I phone comes in mind. Now after getting so many patents ranging from connected homes to cars, apple has gained another patent by its worker Tetsuya Ishikwa. Ishikwa filed this patent for vaporizer. Indeed this is new area in the field of technology where apple has plunged. Apple already have many unique patents which are liked and used by the apple lovers.

 Vaporizer is  a plate which will be used as temperature-regulator inside a box/chamber which will heat up a substance that will ultimately make vapors. Basic use of vaporizer is to regulate the temperature or heat. Infact agriculture and industry sectors are the largest users of vaporizers. Because in industry heavy machinery works which releases heat. In agriculture, some plants required vaporization for growth and osmosis. Healthcare sector is also a user of vaporizer. So now apple is stepping up for more advance features coming people to industry level.

apple coming from people to bigger level  indicates that the world of technology would be having more developments and it would get many new inventions giving benefits to humanity. The future of apple is now making big things related with big project. The rapid growth of apple show that it would be making huge projects giving a wider exposure to the world of technology.

 This high tech vaporizer will give apple  new boom to many products in the world and it is a new thing in the world of inventions. This will also add one more tag in the achievements of apple. indeed apple patents a vaporizer and world gets many hopes. 

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