Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Why we are reluctant to help others?

Aristotle had said that " Man is a social animal". Infact this circle of being in society has turned man into a great circle of cooperation which ultimately ends at man. We are the part of this great world and the circle of people where we interact and deals with so big range of people that sometime gives us tremendous experiences.

So we being  in the circle sometime requires help from others and sometime we have to extend help to other. It is a unique phenomenon because we can not survive with out interacting without each other. But usually we are reluctant to extended our help to others because we have certain factors in mind like:

previously someone did not responded or did not acted well when you helped him. So this ultimately compelled you to avoid future interaction with the fellow beings . Similarly you thought that you would never get positive response.

Another reason is that someone misused your kindness and deed of goodness . So you are scary that other persons will also do the same to you. This ultimately led to live isolated or to not interfere in the matters of other.

a factor which can also create such situation is being your of mind that it will be wasted of your resources. So you avoided to help other and you did not extend your hand of cooperation to other. Finally living in situation which can be called non-cooperative.

But as it was mentioned above that it is a circle and ultimately it have to pass from a point where you can be relevant end . So the circle can not complete without your proper cooperation . Ultimately you can be in need of help one day so try to be cooperative by shunning all your fears and things which avoid you to help others.

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