Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Why USA is so important to World?

After Presidential Election 2016 , so far, whole of the world is looking at the political scenario of  USA . Every Moment every thing happen in USA is important for people and people are trying to know more about USA. In the  terms of wish list people try to settle in USA . They want a life in USA . These all factors make USA very important to World. But here are few more facts which make USA more important to World.

First of all USA is world's largest economy with reasonable resources and high per captia income. This makes USA important as the economic growth and trade of USA is widespread and majority of the countries have trade pact with USA and USA is major export partner with many countries.

There is another factor USA is leading a war against terrorism. After 9/11 USA started its expedition against terrorism and its forces successfully caught Osama Bin Laden. Moreover war against terrorism is being supported by USA. This factor also makes USA one of the most important country in the world.

USA has long history of democracy. its democratic institutions a credibility. Senate of USA is most active and powerful senate in the world. President of USA is considered one of the most powerful political figure in the world with a key role in decision making.

USA has great care of its people. Wherever the people of USA are residing, government is taking extra care of them and taking all the measures to make them protect. This fact also makes USA not only important for the people but also for the people  of USA.

These all factors makes USA important across the world. SO that every single event in USA has casting effects on whole of world . And every news in USA makes headline across the oceans and people like to listen about USA. So USA becomes a important country to the world.

Now after when trump has come in power with a crushing style, world is again looking towards USA. This all indeed have effect on people as well policies of World. Like Europe is also receiving huge bulk of immigrants, So any such step by USA will indirectly affects  the migrant policy in Europe.

World now has become global village. Each and every country is not alone at all. Single policy change or addition of any new postulate in policy have effects on world. So, USA being a major and big country effects the world politics in excessive manner.

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