Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Why to learn various languages?

 Now the English is a international language and we almost in any corner of the world can easily find someone to speak with in English. This is what makes English most famous language in the world but the real thing which we should keep in mind that how the languages evolved and why we should learn many languages.

Perhaps in the start of human history and civilization man was able to convey his message and saying through symbols and through indication. Like if he was hungry he will take his hand towards mouth to intimate others about his hunger. so he was able to get food .

But with passage of time languages evolved and man was able to speak with own locality and people in his own language and in his own words. this made man a more confident and active creature on the earth. So language evolved to give man his true status.

Now when the world is in the age of science and technology and have so many language. There are many international and regional languages . So what is the need to get the knowledge of those languages. There is a point:

        If you learn many languages you are at the main position to interact with your fellow human being in the world.

But more attracting point is that you learn and you know more because of the knowledge the languages you are having. You are enjoying multiple cultures . You are knowing about multiple family systems and you are growing like a man with full Pandora of   knowledge.

Though it is said that world has become a global village but in the true sense if we want to make our self global citizens we need to know about more languages and about more things which come in our way of daily life.

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