Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Why search of Happiness is cause of being unhappy?

We have seen so many people around us , who despite having all the basic resources of life , are unable to enjoy their life . They are unable to enjoy to their life ? They are unable to find pleasure? They are unable to sit with other fellows to discuss their routine life ? They feel unfit in social circle ? and finally they are isolated or  if they are in social circle they are not happy with that.

There is a very simple reason behind this state of people . It is their search of Happiness? You will be astonished that how search of happiness is the cause of their unhappiness ? Obviously, You are thinking rightly . It is not their search of Happiness? It is their search of Happiness on wrong place.

Let us have an example Alesndro is my friend. He has a running ice cream parlor with a reasonable income to live a happy life and to full fill all the expenditure but he is not happy? why ?Because he is thinking himself more unfit and his profession or business unlikely less reasonable. There are two things one is his happiness ? second is his search? His happiness is more earning business and his search is another business . So this difference making him more worries about life .

In this example happiness can be found very easily if Alsendaro start growing his icecream parlor and if he starts extending his business . So is the most of us ? We try to find our happiness on wrong place and the exact place where we can find happiness is around us but we are unable to find our happiness there.

So We can just find our share of happiness around us by making ourselves contended and by starting thinking about the things we have. This is one of the main factors which can lead us to prosper life and life full peace of mind and happiness.

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